Saturday, October 7, 2006

Fall cleaning

Have you ever had a problem with elimination before? Some people experience it all of the time as it has become a part of their life, and some people have it occasionally, and many othershave it only with certain foods or too much stress.

The first thing most people do is run for the laxative bottle, and as these have their place for that quick fix, they also can be extremely habit forming and you can get hooked on them very easily. When a person who has a sluggish bowel uses a laxative and suddenly is moving the correct way starts to feel better than they have in a long while,they may decide to stay on them and soon after are relying on the laxative and cannot do very much without it. This dependency is very common and is something a lot of people do not talk about freely, but they should as colon cancer is on the rise monthly.

The pharmaceutical companies are sitting back and enjoying great profits as more and more people eat tons of low quality food, are getting more plugged up by the day.Every year the pharmaceutical companies introduce more and more products to the market for just this purpose of satisfying the quick fix.As long as we keep doing this to ourselves and buying the quick fix products they will continue to make them, What we need to do is get to the cause of the problem,our diet.

First of all nothing against laxatives, they have been able to relieve many people of pain and constipation and impactions that may have caused major problems had they not been available. Although they are good for a quick fix ,try to keep them in their correct place, they are a temporary bandaid and should be used for just that purpose.

This is the easiest thing to remember. First, if you have frequent constipation lets first look to your diet, it is always one of a few different things. Lack of water, lack of fiber,over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates,drinking too many dehydrating beverages like coffee and sodas and lack of vegetables in the diet. By just changing a few of these things miracles can begin to happen.Next by adding supplemental fiber like psyllium and or ground flax seeds and flax seed oil, let's say to cereal or oatmeal or a protein shake can make a drastic difference in just a few days. You might also increase vegetable consumption, and start forcing water into the daily routine.

If the problem has been going on for quite a while, a cleanse is needed to clean up weeks, months and years of build up in the intestines, which have made you tired, irritable, bloated, damaged you absorption capabilities and affected your skin, hair, nails. This long term problem could also affectyour sleep, your immune system,your breath,cause body odor and affect your mental focus. This is just a partial list, but enough to scare you to start cleansing as soon as possible.

There are many cleanses on the market, but I choose Nature's Secret Ultimate cleanse, why,because it works and does the job quickly and effectively. You can stay on it for as little as a month or as long as a year for chronic problems. It not only cleanses you but it starts to re-train the intestines and lets your digestive system do its job. So many people out there with gastric disturbances like gas, bloating and chronic heart burn and who are on the prescription purple pill would do well to do this cleanse. You have no idea how many people have stopped having to us the prescription because what they really needed was a good flushing and cleansing, not the purple pill cover up. I also start them on the Ergozymes, a digestive enzyme to help you do what your digestive system used to do but does not anymore. Basically turning back the digestive clock to a time thatwas much better and healthier.

So,to summarize; eat more vegetables, drink more water, cut out the garbage, and add the Nature's Secret Ultimate cleanse and the Ergozymes and feel they way you used to when you could digest and get the nutrients from your food. Think of it this way, if you do not digest your food, you cannot get vitamins and minerals into the body to benefit and build healthy cells, which means you may not digest your supplements either! It would be like putting twenty gallons of gas in your car and only using 5 gallons of every fill up and the rest drains out,not so good. So be in charge of your digestive system, do a cleanse, re- train the system and let yourself eliminate correctly so you can rebuild cells, and get of all of those synthetic quick laxative fixes.

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  1. I heard your radio show while I was driving from Barstow to Phoenix and lost the signal. I would like to get information I need to locate a place to purchase the Ergozymes. This was broadcast Sunday 15 Oct 2006 either from Parker AZ or Las Vegas.