Monday, October 2, 2006

Do your pets travel well?

These two adorable little girls are going to Canada on Wednesday, and that will be there new home. They will be flying out of Los Angeles, and will be crated, so will soon see how well they will handle traveling.

Although they are only 6 weeks old, many dogs do travel well. I think it really depends on the breed, some are great in the car, but some have plane and train problems. For every hundred dogs that travel maybe five or six do not like it, or get sick. Although this is a small percentage, for the humans whose animals these are, it is a big thing! But never fear, nutrition can help and has a high percentage of success, with no side effects.

A few hints for you as to what to do if you have pets that do not travel well. You will know this because the first time you go anywhere by car your animal can show nervousness. irritablity, crying, and get upset stomachs which is bowel reflective.

I am happy to say that about 75% of animals travel very well and many look forward to being with you and going new places. You will never know if you need to look to nutrition for travel and motion sickness until you go on your first trip. A helpful tip would be to start with small, short trips, maybe to the park ,before exposing your animals to a long trip.

If you decide to work nutritionally and you dog has a tendency to get queasy, you should try ginger capsules or fresh ginger in some yogurt an hour before a trip, it actually works like a natural Dramamine. If your animal gets nervous and cannot settle down try some valarian liquid or capsules, passion flower or chamomile, as they will work like natural relaxants. You can also add liquid calcium or powdered minerals to their diet daily like the pet Mezotrace to help with relaxing the muscles so they can sometimes just fall asleep.These minerals also strengthen their bones and teeth and help older dogs with arthritis.

It is a wonderful thing to be able to travel and go places with our best friends, but it is also a much better feeling to know that they can be helped if for any reason it makes them uncomfortable or sick to travel.

One more thing, the same things we talked about for pets, works for humans too, as many people get travel sickness.



  2. great information jeff!!! gwen

  3. your Canadian girlsOctober 5, 2006 at 8:46 AM

    These little girls had a great trip to Canada. They left LA at 10:40 and arrived in Canada at 2:30pm happy and full of energy and no one was sick. Great advice for travelling pets (and people). Thanks Jeff. We love la!

    Betty, Scarlett, Switch and your Canadian Girls, eh!