Sunday, October 1, 2006

Had your veggies today?

This is a question that is not only gaining speed with parents and their kids, but the question the parents should be asking themselves. With diets in American being created for the microwave and for quick fixing on the stove and freezer, and all of the ingredients pre made and pre cut, most of us are not even close to the 5-8 servings we need everyday of healthy vegetables.

I have asked so many people over the years about their vegetable intake, and very few will say I have vegetables every day. Some try to see if the lettuce on the fast food burger or the catsup they dip their french fries in count, unbelievable but true.

I thought I would go over some choices for green vegetables to make it easy, and with this huge selection you should be able to find some winners, for you.

Green vegetables contain varying amounts of phytochemicals like vitamin C, flavinoids and carotenoids.The cabbage and broccoli group also contain indoles and sulfer nutrients that are strong antioxidents. Also B vitamins,Vitamin K,and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

A partial list would be peas, broccoli, cabbage, green leaf and romaine lettuce, the many styles and forms of green beans,cucumbers, celery, all green leafy greens, as well as all of the Asian greens, I also add zucchini and brussel sprouts. There are many more but this should be enough for you to find the ones you like.

If you have a problem with vegetables after trying all of them, for whatever reason, keep in mind the greens do come in capsules, tablets and powder formuls. Although wonderful and concentrated from the best nutrients available, they do not carry the fiber you would be getting if you ate them, but they do contain the nutrients. The best thing would be to eat vegetables as often as you can, and take the greens to fill during times when you do not get enough, I like doing both. Remember if you do decide to ad a green supplement, add only the highest quality and be very very choosey as to where you purchase it.

Remember, eating greens does so much for the body we take for granted like:

1) Helping the immune system work more effectively
2) Hlps to provide for a healthy nervous system
3) Fighting infection
4) Providing absorbable iron for the cells
5) Helping with proper blood clotting
6) Stimulating and maintaining our healthy digestive systems- contolling body odor and
bad breath.
7) Building healthy bones and teeth, and helping to produce healthy red blood cells

So the next time you decide to skimp on your veggies, realize that you are skipping on the basic building blocks for all the cells of your body, and you will eventually pay the ultimate price in the form of ill health, so, eat your greens

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