Saturday, September 30, 2006

Resolutions in October

So has the season started its change where you are? Out here in Las Vegas the weather is at the peak of perfection. The days are beautiful and the nights are even better,and it is a great time to get started on those projects we put off all summer, or those nightly walks we could not do because it was too hot. We have to get motivated because soon it will be colder, and we will be able to use a whole new list of excuses.

If you are planning either a weight loss or dietary eating program change New Years resolution, you would be better to do it now. Reason being, by the time the New Year gets here you will be an average of ten to twelve pounds heavier, and your cholesterol could be many points higher as well as your sugar level, especially after the way we will be eating and the stuff we will be eating.

I know it is so easy to tie it into the new year, but wouldn't it be better if you could sail through the holidays and have a three month jump on everyone you know? When they are feeling lousy and tired and irritable after starting their new programs, you will be feeling incredible and be up to twenty five pounds lighter.

I have also learned that if you can start a new program and make it through the holiday season and stay on course, you will make it through anything ,guaranteed. This means all of the emotional problems,the stress, the work overload, and all of the new years projects that will start piling up after the holidays are over.These are the situations that occur that make us lose focus and cause us to binge.But having a firm grip on your program because you started early, you will be more likely to deal with life and all of its perplexities, better.

Millions of people make resolutions every New Years Eve. and about 75% of them last no longer than three weeks. They are not ready and do not really want to do i,so they don't. They are stressed out from the holidays, they are behind on the bills, it is cold and flu season, the weather has become cold, and everything that could make you stop staying on course happens to them, either in actuality or in their mind. But it could be different if you had begin earlier and you had already gone through the withdrawl and the mood swings before that nutty time of year hits.I must say this is THE most perfect time of the year to start, and your best chance to be successful.

So decide as soon as you can, preferably before tomorrow which is October first what your New Years resolution will be. If it is weight loss, or diet change, do it now and get over the hump before the holiday season begins. I will absolutely guarantee that you will thank me for this idea.

If you need a program written for you, or help with a diet program that includes cleansing as well, let me know. Many of these programs I have already completed and they are on the computer so all I would have to do is e -mail them to you.

Leave me a comment and then e -mail me and I will get it to you as soon as I here from you. So Happy New Year in October to you, and then on January 1 2007 it will be Happy New You.

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  1. You hit home with this blog, Jeff. Two years ago we exercised this approach without really thinking about your reasoning, and now that I look back that was a great Christmas. By new year's we were not *stuffed to the gills*. It also helped to put us in the right frame of mind to make good choices over the holidays. Definitely time to get back to that lifestyle of moderation.