Friday, September 8, 2006

Comments and feedback

When I was asked to write a blog or how I would feel writing one, I really was not sure. Now that I have been doing this daily for a few weeks, I am truly amazed at the feedback I am receiving.

The great thing about this format is you are able to put daily information out there to whomever would like to read it, just like the radio show, and it is open for anyone to access. So many people are e- mailing me that I thought that I would talk about the comment section. Although I enjoy thoroughly answering and reading e -mails and would never want them to stop, I thought so many of them may also be questions others have, but do not ask. So you may try leaving a comment at the comment section after the days article, just sign in under "other", and then leave a comment and I will post them.

To be honest with you this is more inspiring for me than for you, as it gives me topics to write about. I can answer and address questions and hopefully hit questions that may be on other peoples minds. I cannot tell you over the two and a half decades I have been on the air the thousands of times I have had people say, "you were talking about me today" or "I have always wondered that". or "thank you , I was to embarrassed to ask that on the air or in person". So please utilized this great tool and help me to talk about things that interest many more people than we can put a face to, individuals that may not think to write about it but really have wanted it to be discussed.

Some of the best information I have received through life has been the feedback I have learned from other people talking about their own experiences, both good and bad.

I hope to hear from many of you soon, as I would like to keep this tool aimed in the direction where we can all learn from each other.

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