Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Consumers spend literally billions of dollars each and every year on the quick fix for damaged hair and nails that are ugly and do not grow. Topical solutions and conditioners, non chemical permanents, natural glue extensions, non chemical relaxers and yet the industry and the selection from which consumers have to pick from grows daily.

Why, well mostly because the manufactures know that people will keep trying and paying to do whatever they can to fix and help the health of their hair and nails. Where consumers go wrong is that although they may get beneficial effects from these topical treatments, the main solution may be as close as their diet and what supplements they take internally.

Today in America so many women, and men diet monthly.They starve themselves from one rollercoaster diet to another. They consume way to little protein and way to much sugar, carbs, caffeine, and food that has no nutritional value. We all need to remember that how the hair and nails grow depends on the nutrients it has in its soil, so to say, that it obtains its nutrients from.

If you plant to rose bushes and you fertilize one and give it plenty of great soil and lots of water, it will flourish. On the other hand the other rose bush although beautiful when planted, starved for proper light, water and nutrition, will soon wither and always have an unhealthy look and never grow to its potential.

Hair and nails are no different. If you suffer with unhealthy nails that split and break and tear, they are soft and not a hard density, you have deficiencies. These come either from not digesting your food correctly, a very bad diet, lack of nutrition, and even stress and hormones.

The best thing to do is delegate three months to proper diet, preferably low carb and high in protein, which feeds the nails, actually this can be done for the hair as well. Take a multiple mineral formula every night, preferably one that is chelated for better digestion, remember brittle nails can be a sign of brittle bones! Then get on a strong multiple vitamin, timed released and take it once or twice per day, do not but a drug store brand. Then add the best hair and or nail formula or both which ever fits your needs. These will pick up all of the isolated nutrients that you do not find in even the best multiple. Make sure you drink a lot of water and manage your stress as much as possible. I think you will find that these are the missing pieces of the hair and nail puzzle.

You will notice the difference but your nail and hair person will notice it before you, as they will see the changes from the last time they worked on it for you. Do not be surprised if by doing all of this that you drop up to ten pounds, feel better than you have in a long time, and have people tell you that you look totally refreshed, wow, wont that be a terrible thing?

All good things start on the inside, and our outer body either reflects the good things we do for ourselves, or it shows how badly we treat this body we live in. So when you decide to pick up that overpriced shampoo and state of the art conditioner and nail treatment, remember you will get the full benefit when you start with the inside as well as the outside of your body.

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