Sunday, September 3, 2006

How well are you seeing the things around you?

Have you noticed that things around you are not as clear as they always were. I am amazed how many people say they never had any eye problems and then one day they noticed the newspaper was blurry.

I myself was eating lunch one day reading the placemat waiting for lunch to be delivered. All seemed well and I was rubbing my right eye, and when I looked down the page was blurry. I covered my left eye and all was clear, I covered my right eye and blurry again. I picked up the placemat in a panic and did the forty year old arm length reading routine, and all was clear. There it was, I was forty, no doubt about it. Bummer I thought to myself, but then I remembered , we have wonderful nutrients available to us, with no prescription needed. I figured I should start soon, and nip this before it became a problem, but at this time I did not start the extra nutrients, I guess I did not want to give in to getting older!!!

Then the next thing I noticed was that when I was driving at night the headlights coming at me and from behind me seemed to bother my eyes. If I was on a long distance drive I would turn the mirrors out because it seemed everyone had their brights on, I finally realized it was time to start the eye nutrients, and just get over the getting older thing. With as many things as I take I wondeded if I needed them, but then remembered my own rule, take a blend for that specific ailment so that you every tool available for that one situation.

I started using supplemental bilberry and lutein with the ocular formula, and in a short time there was a difference. They say that eating seven to eight servings of vegetables helps, and also eating the purple fruits can help the eyes, but I was not relying on food alone. This has made such a drastic difference that when I see people out in public doing the extended arm reading position I tell them about these nutrients. I also like to inform anyone that is already wearing glasses, anyone diagnosed with macular degeneration, glaucoma, anyone that has cataracts or whom has had them removed to keep their eyes healthy.

The largest group of people that I need to mention and who need to concentrate on these nutrients is the very large demographic group of individuals that read, type, work and stare at computers all day long. I really think this is when my eyes started to change. Matter of fact, the more I work on computers and answer e- mails and type and do research, I have learned that if you are not careful time will get away from you and you can stare at these blue screens for hours on end. You really do need to break every once and a while, get away from the screen or I feel you can do damage to your eyes staring so many hours every time you sit down, day after day, week after week.

Today people work computers all day, then they come home and are on them for hours on end every night. This adds up to present and future eye strain problems. Many people have heard me speak about eye nutrients like bilberry and lutein and ocular, about eating more green vegetables and purple fruits and the benefits they provide.Many people have listened and benefited and then there is the other group out there that will only do the "right thing" when it is an act of desperation. I think there never is a better time to act positively for your health than when you know you are in that risk category for whatever it is that is starting to affect you. Remember , it is never too late to be good to yourself.

So, if you are an eye strain junkee, you read a lot and live on computers, you already have eye problems, you have been diagnosed with an eye ailment, or you are doing the forty year old arm stretch reading rountine, try taking some good eye nutrition supplements, your eyes will love you for it.

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  1. this just keeps getting better and beetter and better.I feel like you are talking about me!!