Tuesday, September 12, 2006

B complex, an essential addition to the American diet

So we have all read food labels before that say enriched with thiamin, or Riboflavin, or Niacin. Most of the time it is on a white bleached flour product like bread, or cereal or a pre packaged food, enriched because it has been bleached out or removed and now they are adding a little back in. Not that the little bit they add in will do anything, but what is so pathetic in this country is that the main source of our B vitamins comes from this wall paper paste white bleached non nutritional food source.

Today one of the common complaints with most people is lack of energy and stress, and having no get up and go. We have to look a little closer and see that a big cause of this is a diet with no B vitamins. We also have to look at what depletes the B vitamins we do get from our diet: stress, smoking, drinking, over comsumption of caffeine and sugar and some medications as well as over cooking the food we eat. So basically we are all doomed to feel tired if we are depending for our diets to give us that vitality and energy we all crave.

Why do you think herbal stimulants, energy drinks, energy bars, and energy shakes, coffee and anything like it are so popular? Because we are all exhausted! We need to actually talk a little about the things B vitamins actually do. They increase our energy levels, they feed and nourish the skin and hair and nails. They help us deal better with stress and they support the liver. Folic acid, B-6 and B-12 also are now being recommended by cardiologists to reduce Homocysyeine levels against premature heart disease. B vitamins also help people relax and help their bodies stay more energized and focused. B complex vitamins also support the functions of the central nervous system and the digestive system, so you can see why we need them just for basic function as well as everything else.

Many people that go through severe stress or a death of a loved one or are going through radical surgery or treatment,they should increase their B vitamins, as it helps to keep them less depressed, and less tired and fatigued.

So if you are taking a low potency multiple vitamin or a drug store brand, and you feel nothing and your get up and go has got up and went, think stronger potency next time around. You need to go to a store where you can get a strong multiple with a timed released B complex in it, and if you are really dragging take a separate B complex, timed released, and sit back and enjoy the energy you have been wanting dearly and missing desperately.

Remember, a good B complex is strong and needs to be taken with a well balanced meal for maximum benefit. Also, a strong B vitamin, although timed released will still yellow the urine. The B-2 only stays in the body a few hours, but the rest of the B vitamins can be timed released for up to ten hours depending on the quality of the product and the expertise of the laboratory. Spend a little more on quality, you are worth it, and so is getting your energy back.

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