Friday, September 1, 2006

Change, it can be a good thing

So after over two decades of doing my radio show on Saturday mornings, tomorrow I will not be on the air.With the new ownership in place. I have been offered a time on Sundays at 8:00AM. I am very happy to one be on the air still, and that I will be able to continue doing what I love best which is being a transporter of information.

There is something wonderful about having the availability to obtain inside information on new breaking trends in the nutrition industry, and help consumers, friends and customers disseminate between the truisms and falsehoods .To me , this is what I treasure most, and how I have been lucky enough to have such a devoted audience and such long term friends because of this wonderful radio show.

So as people often say they are afraid of change, and do not know how they will handle different things at different times, and how they are so used to things going a certain way, I say shake it up a little, it will add a little spice to your life.

Me, I am looking forward to having all of you Saturday listeners tune in on Sunday at 8:00 AM, on 720 on the AM dial, or out of the area go to KDWN.COM on your computer, and tune in.We are never to old to learn and get new information into these stubborn heads of ours, and with this industry still being very young, new things are always coming our way.

Change,coming from all directions at me now at this place and time in my life, I say bring it on, Change is good!!!

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