Thursday, August 31, 2006

How healthy is your four legged friend?

Everyone loves animals. Dogs and cats have become extended members of our families, and as a part of our family we take care of them because they do not have the ability to take care of themselves. But how well do you treat your animals?

Most people I speak with say they try to do the right thing, you know fresh water, throw some food daily, exercise, and playtime, but we really need to take it a step further and take a look at the quality of food we feed our pets. Many of the super stores and even some pet stores have what seem to be great deals on dog and cat food, gigantic bags for a small amount of money, and consumers jump at these "so called deals "and I bet do not ever take the time to read the labels. Many of these jumbo deals are nothing more than by- parts or flavored grains and fiber with very little nutritional value. It would be like someone bringing you home white bread and high sodium canned veggies every day of your life, how healthy would you be?
You can see the results of this at the dog parks by the amount of overweight and in active dogs. I sometimes in conversation stop dog owners and ask them questions as to how healthy their dogs are. Many say they have hip and joint problems, stomach problems and the worst breath imaginable, I ask what they do about it, and most say nothing, or put them on a medication from the vet for pain or steroids.

Are we really as lazy with our animals health as we are with our own?, I think the answer is yes. Most people need to realize that we need to round out our pets diet and take a little more care than we are doing right now. Many people do not have the time to cook for their pets, so the next best thing is to go to a quality pet mart and get the best food for your dogs type, Yes , there are types of foods: foods made for the overweight, foods for older dogs, foods for dogs with bad teeth and bad digestion, foods for dogs who need high fiber, or those that need extra nutritients for the bones and teeth. Talk with someone at the store, or better yet bring your dog in, the stores love it, and then the person helping you can size up your four legged creature, and make the best suggestion. Many people will say that these foods are more expensive, which may be true, but a few trips to the vet and you will wish you had taken better care of your friends.

You also need to look at other added things to the diet. The following list is something that hundreds of people I know will swear to with regards to their animals good health: Mezotrace minerals, these will help the bones, the digestion, the teeth and the elimination cycle. Flax oil, which will lubricate the joints, make the coat shine and actually work as an internal lube and oil ,if you will. The next thing is to tackle the bad breath and the bad digestion, many manufacturers produce green products, one in particular is called Barley cat and Barley dog. These are concentrated greens that work as an internal deoderant. You may also start using more raw vegetables mixed with the food and also as a no- calorie, great for the digestion snacks, my dogs love veggies. Something else I have found to be effective for humans as well as our dogs is called Joint Support Supreme, it can be smashed for smaller dogs and put in the food, or the tablets can be added to the food for big dogs. This blend is for the joints and helps with osteoarthritis by building cartilage and helping the pain and discomfort of the moveable joints. Remember, another great thing about dogs and cats, if they feel better they act better, no placebo effect here.

Just a few changes can help to make your pets healthier, and thank them for their unconditional love. You can also help their movement and longevity, and overall greatly improve their day to day health and keep you out of the veterinary office, while saving you a fortune.

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