Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stop and smell the roses

It is amazing how much we rely on the easy access food market these days. I mean the sit down family meal is over, and for many people even cooking at home is either too much work, not economical or just does not fit into the schedule. I think we are all running around so much in so many directions doing almost nothing at the speed of light that we end up chasing ourselves, and at the end of the day, we still have tons more to do.

I wonder why this is, I mean fifty years ago, there was still the same twenty four hours in a day as there is today. People still worked hard, actually much harder than today. There were no flashy computers, black and white televisions with maybe three channels, no cellular phones, no high tech anything, but everything seemed to get done. I remember that it was a work day, then family time, and we had a sit down dinner, game time, television time, homework time and then the day was over. So how did we end up having speed of light technology, able to talk to places instantly anywhere in the world, incredible transportation alternatives, five hundred channels on our television sets, information computer highways, and yet we never have enough time in the day, and we almost never get anything done?

What I see happening if this continues and we do not slow down and prioritize our lives, we will be fast moving and ill,internally preserved from junk food and overfed and malnutritioned, depressed, and unhappy most of our lives.

We now have diseases that are basically caused by stress, bad diet , lack of sleep, smoking, drinking and eating junk. It seems to me that most if not all of the major diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, depression, heart disease, and sleep disorders as well as colon problems, digestive disorders and high cholesterol are all SPOON FED WITH OUR OWN FORK!

So what in a nutshell is the quick answer to this American way of living? Slow down, prioritize the to-do list, take your vitamins, they are a necessity now not a luxury. Get better quality sleep, exercise and stop eating so many meals that are served through the window of your car. Basically, get back to basics, simplify and live longer and healthier, and stop chasing yourself around the block. Sometimes the best answer is the easiest.

You know, stop and smell the roses, and stop just walking over them.

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