Monday, August 28, 2006

Small world

Today I actually saw what a small world it really is. I was at the vet making an appointment and it was very crowded there today. I waited my turn and could not help but listen to the conversation the two ladies in front of me were having, The one asked her friend how her arthritis was doing and she said , I have not felt this good in years. The other asked what she was doing and she said after taking steroids and masking pain pills for years she had decided to go all natural. She continued to say she had a Saturday off, first time in years a few months back and was working around the house and there was a radio show on and the gentleman was speaking about some nutritional supplements for arthritis, and seeing as I was disgusted with the drug therapy I went to see him and started right away.

She said, what are you taking, she said I am using something called Joint Support Supreme, and a mineral called Mezotrace, and taking flax oil 2 times per day. She said the man also suggested that I cut out inflammatory sugars, caffeine and white bleached flours, and since I am doing all of this I feel great and have shed 25 pounds. Her friend said I need to go see him who is he? Now to set the stage I have a hat on, wearing sweats and sunglasses and not really looking like myself, she said Jeff at Great Earth Vitamins. Her friend wrote the name down.
The lady paying at the counter turned around and said she had been on the same regimen for 3 years and that Jeff had put her ailing German Shepard on it as well, and he is doing so well, that she has recommended it to all her friends with active larger dogs. Another lady in the lobby weighing in her standard poodle said I have gone there for over ten years, and he has helped my husband so much he is completely off the pain medication.

So the conversation continued and I just stood there quietly, which is in itself is a miracle, so I stepped aside and when everyone was gone I went to the counter. The receptionist said I cannot believe you actually did not say anything. I took off my sunglasses and my hat and said, If it isn't broke, don't fix it..We both had a good laugh, and I made my appointment and walked to my car, feeling very good and knowing that one person can make changes, good ones, the kind people WANT to talk about.

Walt Disney had it right, it really is a "Small Small World".

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