Saturday, August 26, 2006


Today was an amazing day. It started with my usual radio show, today with Marge from Better Nutrition as my guest. We always have had great conversations, and today was no different. Today's topic was about how we as Americans live to the excess, and do everything we can incorrectly and still expect our bodies to function as if we were giving it all the correct tools to work with. We really are amazing, and the pharmaceutical companies know it. They know we will always eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong liquids, consume mass quantities of junk and yet expect to feel like a million, sounds like the American way.

We talked about how when you go into a drug store and stand in the isles of laxatives, gas relief products, anti gastric pills and anything available that can within an hour make us feel incredible then buy it, no matter what it is or how expensive it is with the hope that we can just feel better.At the same time the pharmaceutical companies sit back and wait once again for us to abuse ourselves in another way that will bring us back again to that drug store isle of hope.

Knowing this we talked about a few things we could use to get to the source of this problem, rather than just to play "bandaid" Doctor medicine. We spoke about using a total digestive aid after every meal, we then spoke about Ergozyme, which is basically in a nutshell, a product that lets us and our digestion do the job it used to do, when it was still able to do it. Which means to us, relief from gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, unbutton the pants syndrome, you know, the things so many of us have, but do not talk about.Most people will not openly talk about or admit they have a digestive "Situation", but they carry those quick relief products in the purse or pocket. The Ergozyme gets to the source and corrects the problem, and does not cover it up.

We also spoke about the increasing problem of internal fermentation, causing bad breath, body odor, foul smelling urine and stools. We spoke of a chlorophyll concentrate called Odoreze. This is a get to the source, disarm the problem, rather than what most of us do which is cover it up with gum, perfume, cologne, deodorants; there is only so many smells you can wear at one time before they get offensive too! Remember it is coming from the inside, and correcting your digestion system will help immensely, and the chlorophyll will take it to the next step.This is not a hygiene problem, most if not all people shower more than twice a day, brush their teeth daily morning and night, but this is from the gut, not your daily hygiene process, remember that.

The Amazing thing about this whole day was the amount of responses in the store, the phone calls and e mails from literally hundreds of people that said stop talking about me! But, thank you for the information as well, as this has gone on for a long time... "I guess we all need a little good info on a daily basis".

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  1. First one. I heard the show. Sorry I couldn't get over to meet Marge when you were there. Hopefully, next time. Good show. Marge sounds nice. Hows the pups? Any new nephews and nieces for Mad Max? Hope all is well.