Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lazy Day Sunday

Today was a lazy day, I know we all want them, and some of us actually take one once and a while. Although I answered e- mails and fielded questions for what seemed like hours, I still had the feeling that I should be doing something else. Well, I guess at least I had a little guilt about goofing off, so to say! But I must say I think my dogs enjoyed me being around the house for a change.

First of all, thank you for all the positive feedback on the blog page, it is very new to me, and I hope with time I will actually get good at it.

Also, thank you for the feedback from yesterdays radio show, wow we must have made sense and actually hit a few nails on the head.

I really feel that being able to be consistent with my radio show, and continuing to be able to bring new and updated information will always keep people on the edge of breaking nutrition news. Then applying the ideals and knowledge of nutrition to lectures, and training sessions will allow me to do what I think I have the best knack for, as well as being able to steer some people in the right direction towards better health, or at least help them narrow down their choices. I guess we should also face it right in the face, choice and the choices we make are actually what we do every single day that either extends our lives in a quality way or limits us and takes away from our futures.

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  1. At last an outlet to speak out all the shows I have been listening to for 2 years.
    The products and information that you have given us listeners has allowed me to lose weight, CURE my acid reflux and I got to laugh as I threw away my anti-depressants.
    I guess the best thing is that "I" am in control again through nutrition. My doctor now is listening to me about nutrition, because he sees the actual cures and changes. Thanks Mr. Jeff, one day you will be overwhelmed due to now being on a computer blog. So therefore I am getting in my grats to you and wish you a great future!