Friday, August 25, 2006

Off we go

So after being in the store "retail" sitiution for over 2 and a half decades off I am into the wide blue yander to visit new parts of the country, learn new things, training, lecturing and then reporting back on what I see.
I guess we all do things certain ways within our comfort zone, and when we leave that zone we are hopefully open to new things and new ideas, I know I am.

I also plan to keep all infornmed of my weight, and the products I am using and techniques that are working well for me. So many years battling the bulge, and yet having the answers but not being able to combine all of them together.Wow what a difference when you apply all the variables and stand back and watch the transition. I know that everyone and their Mother is looking for the magic bullet, but I am sorry to say that it takes a few bullets and some dedication, but that the journey will be eye opening a learned experience, life changing and life extending.

I plan to take you on my journey with travels, experiences, new found nutrition, supplementation, my own quirkly way of looking at the world, myself and what I see during my travels and what I feel during my own transition. For years now I have been asked to document my ideas, my knowledge and what a better way to be able to do it than this. So hold on and enjoy the ride, I know I will.


  1. Hi Jeff:
    I am a 62 yr.female very active and in great physical shape. I eat extremely well (all the right stuff no junk)
    I have just come down with the flu (cold sore throat) first time in 4 yrs. I am a type 2 diabetic and would like to know what I can take
    to help me stay on top of my game as I enter adulthood.

  2. Hi Jeff!

    This is really neat! Congratulations on this huge step you are making. I am looking forward to reading all your posts.

    I, like you, have fought the battle of the bulge for years (I am almost 60years old) and I have finally taken control of myself. I have been on Weight Watchers since February and have lost 58 pounds so far. It sure makes a big difference when you eat properly doesn't!

    Keep us all advised on how you are doing.

    Las Vegas, NV

  3. Jeff,
    I am so glad you are moving forward. I just turned 60 in July I know I don't look it ( haha) but I have to thank you for helping me with various problems I have had over the years,rember the bells palsy fiasco anyway thanks again and I hope we see each other again as I will surely be reading your blog everyday. Lauren says to say hi to you aka vitaman.

  4. hey Jeff,
    It's Laura from Overton.....Just wanted to wish you well and say congrats on your new adventure. You have been such a big help to our family. I am looking forward to reading all your blogs, but I will miss seeing you in Vegas.