Thursday, February 28, 2013

How's it going so far?

As we start the third month of the year are you still struggling with getting started on those resolutions? Do not feel you are alone, as you are in the majority of people world wide. I think we sometimes make these resolutions, or voice them out loud to everyone you know because we are coming from a place of our heads, which reacts very quickly, but in most cases our hearts are not on board.

No matter what your goals or aspirations, where you are looking to go or what changes you are trying to make, your heart must be fully on board with the program. This is when the clarity and motivation gets strong, and the goals begin to seem doable.

The most important thing to remember is following the road to these goals and life changes should only be attempted if they are coming from you, and your desire for change. This means no making changes in your life to save a bad relationship, no making changes because friends or a spouse says you need to. It means making changes for yourself because you need, want and desire a healthier way of life.