Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holidays already? EEEEEK!!!

Are you already beginning to stress about the holidays? Feel comfortable that you are in the majority and not the minority of people around you. Most people, although saying they will be more organized than previous years are most likely still applying the same routine as they do on their New Years resolution, you know, I am starting soon.

Remember to be a little nicer to yourself this year and take your vitamins more regularly and get more rest and exercise than years past Making better food choices should also be an area to focus on as smarter choices will make you stronger and healthier and keep your immune system on guard to deal with your self induced holiday stress.

Take more B Complex daily, preferably an extra 100 mg in a timed released formula. Taking extra Vitamin C, once again timed released complex form for maximum all day protection keeps germs at bay and you up and around and not flat on your back. You might also want to make sure you are actually sleeping at night and resting and not just going through the motions. If you wake up beat up and exhausted every morning like you have not even had any sleep at all look for some natural alternatives to help you do the job more completely.

L-tryptophan and Calcium and Magnesium or multiple mineral preparations taken at bedtime will help to induce a natural and more complete nights sleep. You also can choose from other alternatives like Melatonin, Valerian root, or combination herbal preparations. Whatever you choose, pick the strongest you can handle to get you the most restful and re cooperative nights sleep you can. Just these few small changes will make stressful holiday craziness more deal able, and keep you just a little more focused and sane. The bad gift choices is something you will have to deal with on your own!
I want to thank my New York friend Laura for the doggie picture for today's blog, the picture is way to cute not to share.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Is there a junk food junkie in the house, rather is there someone who is not?

Are you a junk food junkie? Lately when I speak to people about diet or we are reviewing their blood work or they are passing on the comments from the Doctor, the subject of diet always comes up.

They are actually amazed when the Doctor said they have to change their diet. I ask for a two or three sample diet or plan of what they commonly eat, and it is amazing some of them are still alive.Junk food has not only become a staple for the American diet, it is also a sport a past time and a daily social event. I see the faces of so many people that have been told to thin down to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, or give up the junk food do to heart disease or other circulatory problems and although they way down deep agree, they are crushed, I mean totally destroyed that they cannot be with their best friend junk food anymore.

How weird are we that we have allowed food to take over every aspect of our lives? Some of us are so out of control that we have to given into drastic surgery to make our body reject it. Will power and the fear of God and dying no longer do the trick. We are not scared of dying and we know that somewhere there will be a medication or drug therapy to save us if we get out of control.

The problem is the adults have done it so long now and have become so ridiculously out of shape morbidly obese and desensitized that now the kids do not care either. With a gym on every corner, and a fast food restaurant on every other corner, the gyms and smart choices are losing.

How overweight and sick as a nation, how reliant ion drugs, how lazy, tired, fatigued, stressed out, depressed and pharmaceutic ally controlled do we actually have to get to make the changes so many of us need? I am sure it could be bet on here in Las Vegas, I am afraid to say the time needed to make changes as a nation will be a hands down long shot of the century to say the least!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What did it for you, do you remember?

What was it that made you decide that today was the day to become healthy. That today was the day when you would drive by your favorite fast food restaurant and make better food choices.The thing that made you want to finally go to the gym and visit that membership you have been paying for for years and have never used. Sometimes I think we want to be able to say, I belong to a gym!

Was it a feeling of over fullness after a binging meal? Was it something your Doctor said at your last checkup? Was it a comment made by a friend, or your spouse that was hurtful or direct and to the point out of concern? Was it a snicker from a passerbyer? Think back and try to remember what it was, cement it into your memory and remember it everyday because whatever it was, whoever said it or whatever context it was presented in, it worked! Be thankful that it worked.

I am among those that agrees that people are hurtful, mean and sometimes down right cruel, but if gets us to do a task we have been trying to do unsuccessfully that in some cases could change our life, maybe on the outside we can be a little shattered, but on the inside voice we should be screaming from the rooftop THANK YOU.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cold weather is coming and cold and flu is trickling in

Can you believe cold and flu season are here already? I am getting emails from people sick this early in the year and they are desperate for a natural alternative, as we all know the main stream antibiotics do nothing for flu and cold problems. In many cases most Doctors will admit to prescribing antibiotics knowing full and well they will do nothing, but they do it because that is what the patients want.

Although flu and cold season are actually a little down the road time wise, in Las Vegas, as we are the worlds melting pot, flu season comes early and from all over the world with the visitors to our city. Many people will say that they never go to the casinos and they cannot believe they got sick. Well just remember, all casino workers and employees that are daily in the melting pot of germs also have regular lives like the rest of us. They go to the gym, the grocery stores, the libraries, the malls and all of the places people that may not go to the casinos go. The moral is, you cannot hide from germs because where ever you, go you are exposed. How you react and how your body deals with the presence of flu and cold germs bombarding you is actually up to you.

At this stage of the game a little prevention would be a great thing for you to start as soon as possible. Number one, drink water, I know it is not hot outside and you may not be as thirsty as in August, but it is actually more important, or at least as important as in the summer months. Dehydration can cause poor emimination, bad digestion, dry skin and hair, urinary and bladder infections and if you are sick can actually cause the flu or cold to last much longer along with a fever.

Second, add more Vitamin C, about 2000-3000mg of extra Vitamin C daily, preferably a timed released complex form as it is buffered for the tummy would be a good starting point. Colloidal Silver every morning, about half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water. Remember to swish and gargle and swallow. Colloidal silver daily gives you a little added protection as well as a daily non harmful antibiotic that works to prevent bacterial as well as viral infections. If you are already sick, you can take it as much as hourly as well as spray it up the nose for sinus infections and drainage.

An overall product that has been a number one product in popularity for years now is Body Well. It is a combination of all herbal and nutrient based support for boosting the immune system. In can be taken daily until March or April although many people use it year round for added protection.

As far as your diet is concerned ,watch the sugar and dairy, wheat and glutenas these are all mucous forming foods, as well as the foods that pack all the holiday pounds on us every year. Too bad they always taste so good!! Eating plenty of good quality protein, green vegetables and purple fruits will help to keep the mucous down and give you much more energy.

Good Luck>>>>>>>>>>>..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Resolution day in October???

Isn't it amazing that we are already in the middle of October. I am still receiving emails from people interested in getting their New Years resolutions started. They say the friends say "why start now, it will be New Years in two months?" Well let us take a look at that statement.

If weight loss is your resolution, by New Years day, you will be about ten to fifteen pounds heavier than you are now. So rather than beginning now and being ahead for the New Year, you will spend the first two months of the year working on the holidays, and not even begin working on your actual goals until March or April. If smoking is your resolution, well how do I say it, two more abusive months of terror on the body and two more months of damage taking you closer to the chance of Cancer in every part of the body. Also two more months of not being able to taste your food, two more months of not breathing well while fighting cold and flu season. The most important about six hundred more dollars spent on the habit before you quit.

Lets say it is a bad relationship, going to the gym, changing jobs, starting a hobby or whatever it is procrastination of just two months can make it harder to start in January. I really think New Years resolutions should be whatever day you decide to make a change or start or end something. It should be whatever day you declaretoday is my New Year and I begin my transformation right now!

So when your friends and family tell you why start now, just tell them to shut up and proudly wish them a Happy New year.
The above picture comes to us from Canada from my friends Lynn and Gary, it is of their little girl Scarlett, one of my pups.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So another Great Earth convention comes and goes. So many new products that are up and coming and that will be on there way to the stores very soon, as well as many more modes of information for the stores to pass along to the customers. The field changes every year and is becoming such a fine tuned operation that you can almost shop at quality stores and be in control of your health like never before.

I think this is the way of the future , as far as nutrition is concerned. We are at a point where if you truly want to be healthy and cut back on the need and reliance on prescription medications you can. If you want a healthy lifestyle that is full of great energy and fewer down times being sick, you basically have control over that too. On the other hand, you also have the right to be as bad to yourself as you wish. To make lousy choices all the way around and basically dig yourself an earlier that planned grave. It all comes down to choice. Choice of taking quality supplements with great science behind them, or the choice to take the bargain of the day, that in most cases will do nothing for you except make your wallet feel temporarily happy. The choice to speak to trained nutritional personnel that keep up on the latest supplements and are trained as to the best choices to make for many and all situations, or you can make the choice to shop at a bargain basement or bulk store where your only answer to whatever question you ask, on a good day would be, "would you like a box for that?"

Choice is one of our greatest and protected rights as an American, use it wisely and to it's full benefit and potential. I have come to the conclusion that if you do not make the smart choices for your health now or someone you do not even know, or who does not know you with little concern for you could be making them in your future!