Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cold weather is coming and cold and flu is trickling in

Can you believe cold and flu season are here already? I am getting emails from people sick this early in the year and they are desperate for a natural alternative, as we all know the main stream antibiotics do nothing for flu and cold problems. In many cases most Doctors will admit to prescribing antibiotics knowing full and well they will do nothing, but they do it because that is what the patients want.

Although flu and cold season are actually a little down the road time wise, in Las Vegas, as we are the worlds melting pot, flu season comes early and from all over the world with the visitors to our city. Many people will say that they never go to the casinos and they cannot believe they got sick. Well just remember, all casino workers and employees that are daily in the melting pot of germs also have regular lives like the rest of us. They go to the gym, the grocery stores, the libraries, the malls and all of the places people that may not go to the casinos go. The moral is, you cannot hide from germs because where ever you, go you are exposed. How you react and how your body deals with the presence of flu and cold germs bombarding you is actually up to you.

At this stage of the game a little prevention would be a great thing for you to start as soon as possible. Number one, drink water, I know it is not hot outside and you may not be as thirsty as in August, but it is actually more important, or at least as important as in the summer months. Dehydration can cause poor emimination, bad digestion, dry skin and hair, urinary and bladder infections and if you are sick can actually cause the flu or cold to last much longer along with a fever.

Second, add more Vitamin C, about 2000-3000mg of extra Vitamin C daily, preferably a timed released complex form as it is buffered for the tummy would be a good starting point. Colloidal Silver every morning, about half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water. Remember to swish and gargle and swallow. Colloidal silver daily gives you a little added protection as well as a daily non harmful antibiotic that works to prevent bacterial as well as viral infections. If you are already sick, you can take it as much as hourly as well as spray it up the nose for sinus infections and drainage.

An overall product that has been a number one product in popularity for years now is Body Well. It is a combination of all herbal and nutrient based support for boosting the immune system. In can be taken daily until March or April although many people use it year round for added protection.

As far as your diet is concerned ,watch the sugar and dairy, wheat and glutenas these are all mucous forming foods, as well as the foods that pack all the holiday pounds on us every year. Too bad they always taste so good!! Eating plenty of good quality protein, green vegetables and purple fruits will help to keep the mucous down and give you much more energy.

Good Luck>>>>>>>>>>>..

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