Saturday, October 20, 2007

What did it for you, do you remember?

What was it that made you decide that today was the day to become healthy. That today was the day when you would drive by your favorite fast food restaurant and make better food choices.The thing that made you want to finally go to the gym and visit that membership you have been paying for for years and have never used. Sometimes I think we want to be able to say, I belong to a gym!

Was it a feeling of over fullness after a binging meal? Was it something your Doctor said at your last checkup? Was it a comment made by a friend, or your spouse that was hurtful or direct and to the point out of concern? Was it a snicker from a passerbyer? Think back and try to remember what it was, cement it into your memory and remember it everyday because whatever it was, whoever said it or whatever context it was presented in, it worked! Be thankful that it worked.

I am among those that agrees that people are hurtful, mean and sometimes down right cruel, but if gets us to do a task we have been trying to do unsuccessfully that in some cases could change our life, maybe on the outside we can be a little shattered, but on the inside voice we should be screaming from the rooftop THANK YOU.

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