Sunday, October 14, 2007

Resolution day in October???

Isn't it amazing that we are already in the middle of October. I am still receiving emails from people interested in getting their New Years resolutions started. They say the friends say "why start now, it will be New Years in two months?" Well let us take a look at that statement.

If weight loss is your resolution, by New Years day, you will be about ten to fifteen pounds heavier than you are now. So rather than beginning now and being ahead for the New Year, you will spend the first two months of the year working on the holidays, and not even begin working on your actual goals until March or April. If smoking is your resolution, well how do I say it, two more abusive months of terror on the body and two more months of damage taking you closer to the chance of Cancer in every part of the body. Also two more months of not being able to taste your food, two more months of not breathing well while fighting cold and flu season. The most important about six hundred more dollars spent on the habit before you quit.

Lets say it is a bad relationship, going to the gym, changing jobs, starting a hobby or whatever it is procrastination of just two months can make it harder to start in January. I really think New Years resolutions should be whatever day you decide to make a change or start or end something. It should be whatever day you declaretoday is my New Year and I begin my transformation right now!

So when your friends and family tell you why start now, just tell them to shut up and proudly wish them a Happy New year.
The above picture comes to us from Canada from my friends Lynn and Gary, it is of their little girl Scarlett, one of my pups.

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