Monday, February 18, 2008

On the road again

I am a little nervous about flying tomorrow as the reports are saying as I said yesterday that this is possibly the worst flu season in years. I have a freind that says "I always fly first class because I do not want to be around so many people because there are more germs there". True is, the air you breath in the plane is all recycled air, so whether you get a ninety nine dollar deal or you pay one thousand dollars on your ticket, everyone breaths the same old recycled germ filled air.

We just need to remember that the key is to protect your own environment and keep our immune systems strong. Tonight I will load with Colloidal silver, extra Vitamin C, and every antioxident I can get my hands on, and with any luck I will arrive in North Carolina healthy and with no flu germs hanging on.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Worst flu season in years!!!

Have you been listening to the news. We are in mid Februsary and the flu bug has started increasing, not decreasing in new out breaks. More than forty states have posted record cases. Yesterday I heard that they have decided that the influenza shot given this year was not ready or prepared for these strains that are now present across the country.

I have been saying for years that the best way to prevent the flu is to not let your immune system waiver at all. Keeping it strong so that no matter what you come in contact with your body will be strong enough to take care of it and keep you healthy when those around you may be dropping like flies.

Putting all your eggs in one basket with the flu shot is like being a diabetic and saying because you are on insulin it is ok to eat cake all day long. A flu shot may help you in a round about way to dodge a few of the strains, but if your immune system is not protected, you will get sick anyway, and flu shot or not you will get sicker than you can possibly imagine.

Never let your immune system decrease, take some extra Viatmin C, Echinacea, extra B Complex vitamins, take a strong multiple vitamin and even add some Colloidal Silver every day. Prevention is the best way to avoid the germs that cause the problems to start with, and to keep you away from the sickly quick care Doctor offices across the country.

Tips for the flu season:
*Avoid excess dairy consumption as it is mucous producing food.
*Wash your hands every time you turn around.
*Drink more water than you do in the summer.
*Get plenty of rest and manage your stress.
*Stay away from places that are full of sickly people.

If you are supposed to travel or go to a function and you are already feeling under the weather, stay home. This will intensify the sickmess being around so many people and not having an immune system up to par to deal with all of the germs around you. If you go, you may be asking for pneumonia rather than a cold or flu. Also remember that a warm afternoon can turn into a cold evening when the sun goes down. Do not get caught outside without the clothing necessary to keep you warm.

Remember,if you are going somewhere and you are thinking that you may be getting sick, do yourself a favor and listen to that smart inner voice and stay home and get the rest you need. The inner voice is always much smarter that we think, or smarter than we will give credit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is your skin healthy?

I was asked yesterday about what were the best things to take for healthy and youthful looking skin. The answer was and is very easy, your skin is a picture of what is happening on the inside of your body. If you are unhealthy internally, you will have a very good chance of having unhealthy skin on the outside.

The first thing to do to help the look of your skin is to make sure you hydrate it daily. This means skip or cut back on soda, coffee and carbonated beverages and replace it with as much fresh water as you can consume. This alone makes a difference that is noticeable very quickly. You will next want to lubricate the skin and prevent dryness internally and externally. On the inside you can lubricate the skin by eating more foods with high levels of good oil content such as salmon, mackeral, sardines, olive oil, natural peanut butter and avocados, along with the increased water intake. You can also add things to your vitamin program that help natural internal lubrication like omega 3 capsules, cod liver oil capsules, flax seed oil.

Externally making sure you lubricate with high quality no added chemical oil and lotion products, make sure to look for these at your health food store and not your drug store. There is a wonderful oil that can be used on your skin that not only lubrictes but softens and reduces aging and dry skin, it is called Squalene. It is a shark oil product and is hands down the best thing for our skin as it ages topically, it is also available in an internal capsule to help carry that oild to the internal lubrication level as well.

As our body needs to be able to digest the food and supplements we give it every day, the skin needs to be able to absorb the oils and lotions we apply topically. I have a trick you might like to try. It is a way of exfoliating dry skin and clearing the skin to a healthier palate for absorption of the oils and creams.

First start with a teaspoon of simple table sugar and add a little water and immediately start scrubbling the face and removing dead skin. After about one minute, rinse the face with warm water and pat dry, you will be amazed by the glow and texture of your skin when dead skin cells are out of the way.

At this point add your oils and lotions and sit back and enjoy the glow. Many people pay thousands of dollars for advice that is given at department stores that will lead you to this exact location, so help your skin look it's best and put Your best face forward.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beautiful spring day in the dead of winter.

Have you noticed that a warmer day actually gets us to be more active and really makes us feel better. In the dead of winter, well in Las Vegas the middle of our cold weather season, a warm day makes people want to get out and do something.

I have always heard that the winter blues can make us unhappy, sluggish, depressed and lazy. Some parts of the country actually use light machines because of what they call cloudy gloomy seasonal weather disorder where the gloomyness actually causes depression. Today was one of those beautiful days in the middle of the winter season. People were out in droves, working on their yards, washing their cars and everyone I came in contact with today was in a happy mood. It was like a Xanax day or someone sprinkled happy dust in the air. Well whatever happened, it was nice and made for an enjoyable day everywhere I went.

Funny thing, we are all such creatures of habit that chances are everyone will be back to their fast paced, in a hurry to go nowhere quickly, walk over the flowers and do not smell them, fast food eating in the car, fast moving lifestyles tomorrow, so thank you everyone for today, it was a pleasure.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday, it is a day of mass quantities!!

Superbowl Sunday, a time honored tradition for many an American. All over the country freinds and families have gathered to watch the game, eat, visit with each and catch up on the latest happenings in each others lives, eat and watch the game, and did I mention eat?

This is a day of mass quantities and calories and consumptionat it's best. Tomorrow, many of us will feel the ramifications of today's fun and festivities. Upset stomach, hangover, headaches, empty pockets for the Las Vegas betters, maybe full pockets for some of you, and the guilt of breaking the New Years resolutions in every which way we can.

Let us face it, we are human and we spend most of our lives having the best intentions, climbing back on the wagon we just fell off of and dealing with the guilt we put mentally put on ourselves.

I think we all need to realize that moderation is the goal we should all be looking for, with the occasional pary day like today, and enjoy and get back wih the program tomorrow and just enjoy and stop guilting yourselves the day after.

So have fun, partake, enjoy the festivities, your friends and families and make some memories to keep with you. Life is short, too short, so have a great time and if you do partake in alcohol consumption, have fun but throw your car keys away for the day.. Go Patriots!!!!