Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beautiful spring day in the dead of winter.

Have you noticed that a warmer day actually gets us to be more active and really makes us feel better. In the dead of winter, well in Las Vegas the middle of our cold weather season, a warm day makes people want to get out and do something.

I have always heard that the winter blues can make us unhappy, sluggish, depressed and lazy. Some parts of the country actually use light machines because of what they call cloudy gloomy seasonal weather disorder where the gloomyness actually causes depression. Today was one of those beautiful days in the middle of the winter season. People were out in droves, working on their yards, washing their cars and everyone I came in contact with today was in a happy mood. It was like a Xanax day or someone sprinkled happy dust in the air. Well whatever happened, it was nice and made for an enjoyable day everywhere I went.

Funny thing, we are all such creatures of habit that chances are everyone will be back to their fast paced, in a hurry to go nowhere quickly, walk over the flowers and do not smell them, fast food eating in the car, fast moving lifestyles tomorrow, so thank you everyone for today, it was a pleasure.

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