Saturday, September 30, 2006

Resolutions in October

So has the season started its change where you are? Out here in Las Vegas the weather is at the peak of perfection. The days are beautiful and the nights are even better,and it is a great time to get started on those projects we put off all summer, or those nightly walks we could not do because it was too hot. We have to get motivated because soon it will be colder, and we will be able to use a whole new list of excuses.

If you are planning either a weight loss or dietary eating program change New Years resolution, you would be better to do it now. Reason being, by the time the New Year gets here you will be an average of ten to twelve pounds heavier, and your cholesterol could be many points higher as well as your sugar level, especially after the way we will be eating and the stuff we will be eating.

I know it is so easy to tie it into the new year, but wouldn't it be better if you could sail through the holidays and have a three month jump on everyone you know? When they are feeling lousy and tired and irritable after starting their new programs, you will be feeling incredible and be up to twenty five pounds lighter.

I have also learned that if you can start a new program and make it through the holiday season and stay on course, you will make it through anything ,guaranteed. This means all of the emotional problems,the stress, the work overload, and all of the new years projects that will start piling up after the holidays are over.These are the situations that occur that make us lose focus and cause us to binge.But having a firm grip on your program because you started early, you will be more likely to deal with life and all of its perplexities, better.

Millions of people make resolutions every New Years Eve. and about 75% of them last no longer than three weeks. They are not ready and do not really want to do i,so they don't. They are stressed out from the holidays, they are behind on the bills, it is cold and flu season, the weather has become cold, and everything that could make you stop staying on course happens to them, either in actuality or in their mind. But it could be different if you had begin earlier and you had already gone through the withdrawl and the mood swings before that nutty time of year hits.I must say this is THE most perfect time of the year to start, and your best chance to be successful.

So decide as soon as you can, preferably before tomorrow which is October first what your New Years resolution will be. If it is weight loss, or diet change, do it now and get over the hump before the holiday season begins. I will absolutely guarantee that you will thank me for this idea.

If you need a program written for you, or help with a diet program that includes cleansing as well, let me know. Many of these programs I have already completed and they are on the computer so all I would have to do is e -mail them to you.

Leave me a comment and then e -mail me and I will get it to you as soon as I here from you. So Happy New Year in October to you, and then on January 1 2007 it will be Happy New You.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wow am I full

I was at one of the hotels tonight waiting for friends to join me for dinner. I arrived early so I walked around waiting and people watching, a past time of mine. I was hanging out in the concourse near the buffet, and I was listening to the people in line for the buffet.

Outside of the buffet they list all of the foods that are available when you go into the room, and the list is quite impressive and of course it is all you can eat. I often wonder where the term "all you can eat" came from, because personally I do not think we need to go to an all you can eat, unless it was going to be your last meal for a week or so, but it isn't. Chances are you will be able to eat again tomorrow, if not later tonight. The funny thing is people were actually excited at the thought being able to put one over on the hotel, and were saying things like, "they will lose money on me, and wait until you see how much I can eat". I guess when Ithink back to when I first moved here I had that same mentality, I mean with all that food at my fingertips, yahoo! AND ENJOY IT I DID!!!!!

So to get back on track I moved down near the exit and sat down to wait for my friends. I was there about an hour or so and I actually saw some of the same people coming out from the buffet,and they were all walking a little crooked and holding the stomachs and unbuttoning their pants, asking if anyone in the group had an antacid, it was then that I though they should hand out digestive enzymes like Ergozymes to everyone that is leaving. Lets face it, if you did not make a complete pig of yourself at the buffet, chances are you did eat more than you are used to, it is natural, we all have done it. So the idea of handing out digestive enzymes would be a super idea. The marketing campaign could be something like " Let us help you digest that huge meal you have just enjoyed, so you do not have to be up all night wishing you had not eaten the whole thing".

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blood pressure

So you went to the Doctor to begrugingly, and you blood pressure was through the roof, do you really have high blood pressure? It is hard to say, as many people can be perfectly normal until they go to the Doctor and then the term "white coat syndrome" sets in, and it goes up, and then back to normal when you leave.

If you find out that it is high, you may want to take a look at the whole picture and see what you can change before jumping directly onto the prescription pad bandwagon. Now do not get me wrong, many people are alive and better because they have no choice other than to use the medication, but many more may be on it and may not need it, as better life changes and choices could have kept them off the drug to start with.

If you are diagnosed at a Doctors visit you need to take a look at your lifestyle. Are you overweight? Are you stressed out? Is there a history of high blood pressure in your family? Do you eat a ton of junk and fast food? Do you salt your food? Do you smoke or drink a little too much? Do you exercise at all? Do you get a good night of sleep? Are you on other medications? If you answered yes to more than a few of these questions , you might rightly have high blood pressure, but that still does not mean taking the drug is your only option. You can lose weight, exercise, drink more water, cut way back on the junk food, relax and cut out salt. Just these things can make a difference within a very short period of time.

Your Doctor may want you to try these things first, and an open minded one will want you to make changes that can make the difference, where some others may say thats it, take the drug. Many people that have these Doctors soon learn that these same Doctors will keep repeating the medications and renewing them without even seeing you or checking to see if there is still a need. How can they tell over the phone? You may be exercising now, be thinner and eating a great diet, and then there should be less need for the prescription.

Many people feel tired and run down and dizzy and soon find out that the medication was too strong, or that they did not need it anymore, so keep a watch on this, and always go in to see the Doctore before renewing the prescription. I know it is easier to keep renewing it, and saving the office co- payment, but you may not need it anymore!!!

There are also supplements you can add that will help to lower your blood pressure and increase you circulation. Cayenne pepper, garlic and hawthorn are just a few, you may also try co enzyme Q-10 and some extra B- complex to deal with stress. You could also look for the blood pressure blend products, these blends contain all of the nutrients together in one formula, and you can be assured that this way you are not missing anything. These nutrients along with the lifestyle changes can be the difference in a stroke or heart attack and a longer healthier life, once agin we are in the drivers seat, and with the risk of heart disease growing every day, we need to look where we are going..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Omega three, we need it

So are you eating the three to four servings of salmon they say we should eat every week? Me neither, I love it and have it when I can, but I will not prepare it at home, I just wont. I stress the importance of omega three fatty acids as we need them for lubricating the joints, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease and actually helping the brain, but most people will not do it with diet, so omega three capsules are the next best thing.

I love omega three capsules and always stress that you need to make sure you are paying for good quality that use only deep sea salmon, and halibut and mackerel, not all brands can or will guarantee it. I mean if you are going to have salmon, eat it baked, or poached, you would never deep fry it. So if you are going to go through the expense of taking it in capsule form, take a good one.

Remember if you are not a fish person, you can use the vegetarian form which is flax oil, in capsules or liquid. I like both, I do find that most people are big babies when it comes to using the liquid, "they don't like the taste", "I do not know how to use it".

I find using a Tablespoon in your salad dressing, or protein drink or in yogurt or in salsa does the trick. This is the best part of it, 1 Tablespoon equals nine capsules. I go back and forth between the two as do others I know. Remember, we do not get this in our diet unless we physically add it , which means fish, so supplement it however you can, as your brain and your kids brains, your hearts, lungs, skin, joints, liver and digestive system will love you for it.

Just do it, as this is one of those critical things we need to do, as heart disease is killing to many of us at too young of an age, and we can control it, we just have to be responsible.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Want to cleanse, it is as close as an e mail away

So the weather is changing here, and fast. The nights are cooler and the days are nice too, I think this is the weather we all wait for all year.

My Mom just got back from Michigan and said that everyone is already sick there. So we know what is coming our way sooner than we know. So as I spoke about before I will in the next few weeks discuss flu and cold season, but now the best thing to do is maintain your good eating habits, and great water drinking skills I know you all have developed over the summer months. That will at least get you in shape for the start of the flu and cold season.

Today though I want to talk about cleansing. This is the start of the, believe it or not holiday season, and it is also the time everyone takes a back seat to good diet and a front row seat to eating everything in sight. So before you do, and hopefully this will help you not want to, we need to think about doing a cleanse.

I am not going to discuss it here completely as I want you to, if you are interested in giving yourself sixty days to feel better than you have in years e- mail me for the directions. I have made the program easy to follow and ultimately successful and to the point. You just need to stay focused and follow the directions and enjoy less bloating, no constipation, a slimmer waistline and better digestion system than you have had in a long time.You may also notice better hair growth, longer healthier fingernails, better breath, and even more energy, how cool is that?

So take a step forward and do something for yourself that can change your life. Do it for you, not your spouse, your kids, or friends and certainly not your boss, but for you, and then all of them reap the benefits after you have reached your personal goals.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The magic bullet, two blocks down from the magic rainbow

Well back in Las Vegas and I have learned a valuable lesson on my trip. People are people, and bad habits have no state lines, and different climates do not separate us and make us stricter with our diets, our supplement taking or our will power.

In a way I was actually happy to know that most people are doing things exactly the same in completely different parts of the country. I spoke to so many people and customers that were eating the wrong food, could not get motivated with starting an exercise program, hated going to the Doctor, loved fast food, were couch potatoes, and basically were just plain old. AMERICANS!!

The sad thing is people up there are looking for the magic bullet just like people are everywhere else. The one pill that will make them youthful, better looking, skinnier, smarter, and make all of the abuse they have bestowed upon themselves go away, and do it all by tomorrow. So bottom line we all, as Americans, and possibly other countries, I have not been out of the states for a while, all want the same thing, health without effort, and it does not exist.

We know that taking supplements works, but you have to be consistent at doing it. We all of course know that exercising and being active is great for us, but we have to do it to benefit from it.Of course the big one is that we know eating better and making wiser food choices is a no brainer, but we have to do it as well. So there is no magic bullet, and making choices takes conviction and being true to yourself, and making choices can be painful, and sometimes boring and not what we like, but it comes down to seeing how badly you really want things to change. If you do not do the things that warrant and award you with a change, then you will never know your full potential.

Like they say, you may want to win the lottery but you have to buy a ticket.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Back in Las Vegas

I have just arrived back in Las Vegas, and frankly I am pooped! I think that tonight will be a night for thoughts and ideas and I will begin the list of subjects that I have been getting e mailed to talk about tomorrow.

So have a wonderful evening yourself, as I will, and tune in tomorrow for a one month series on ailments, conditions and situations and your nutritional arsenal against them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Healthy eyes

I received over four hundred e mails this week and a large portion of them asked me to discuss eye health. Most of them were from people that have recently been diagnosed with either Macular degeneration or cataracts, or those who had already had surgery and wanted to prevent all future eye problems.

First of all ,step one is to remember that increasing all dark green vegetables would be a good start . They contain all of the natural carotenoids that stimulate your immune system as well as helping with giving you pure food eye nutrition. We should all be eating more greens anyway, but this should be even more of an incentive.

As far as supplements to take, I recommend a complete nutritional blend that makes it easy and takes out the guesswork.There is nothing worst than using one of ten nutrients for a specific problem, and not using the others, and then finding out years later you were using the ONE that you really did not need. The formula I recommend is called Ocular, it is a three tablet a day formula, which can be spread out throughout the day or taken all at once.This is a unique and concentrated blend that contains everything so you do not miss the boat, so to say for covering all ends.

If there are serious eye problems, adding extra Lutein at about 20 mg, and an extra dose of Bilberry will add extra support to the eye nutritional program. I think the best defense is a good offense, we need to always be a step ahead and I really do not think it is too late to change our health, and for that, better our vision.

These days it is not only the geriatric crowd that have eye problems. With the era of computers and so many people having or choosing to have lifestyles that are built on eye strain and focal eye stress, many younger individuals are now having mature eye diseases in their thirties and younger. Bottom line, we need to always prepare our bodies for the stress that we or life puts on us.

A few blog page articles ago I wrote a list of fifty questions that can help you narrow down the nutrition you should be using and at the same time take a look at the things you are doing everyday that may add to your bad health.

So, remember Ocular, with supplemental Bilberry and Lutein. A few small steps for maximum eye health,made easy with Great Earths new focus of using blends rather than having to take things separately. I know that myself over the years I have complicated my own nutrition by having to balance and make sure that all my bases were covered. These new blend make it easier, more economical and overall less tablets and capsules to remember to take everyday. This is the future of quality nutrition.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The comment posting process yet again

Well another day ends here in Seattle, and to my surprise it is beautiful and no rain again. I am getting so many e-mails and requests for articles to be discussed and when I am home next week I will start addressing each and every one and have one topic a day to talk about.

The reason I know about requests is the large e-mail base I am receiving daily, and thank you for that. Although it gets the information to me. I am going to review the comment process one more time on the blog. This is a great idea because it lets people know that the question has been asked and also gives people an idea for possibly more subjects to talk about. Also, I cannot republish all of the wonderful success stories you e-mail me, but YOU can post them for people to see.

This is the process. Read the days article and click on comments. When you get there a white box will appear and you just type your success stories, questions and whatever. After you are through there are three choices to pick from 1) Click BLOG if you happen to have your own blog address. 2) Other, it will the ask for your name- use your real one and web address- this is your e mail address. 3) You can click on anonymous and post your thoughts this way if you choose.

It is so easy and it will allow me to write articles that you will enjoy, and also allow people to know and learn from things you have tried with great success, and how you are doing.

I seriously do not care how you post, just that you do for everyone to be a little closer and for us all to learn from each other.

Thank you

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seattle day 3

What a great day up here in Seattle today. NO RAIN!!!! Wow, what a pleasure that was, especially after it was so cold last night I got up during the night and took a shower to warm up.My blood must be so thin after being in the desert so long, oh well, I love it there.

I was lucky enough to do an in store training today at one of the stores. It is always such a pleasure to be able to work with a staff that are nutritionally oriented, intelligent and open to always learning even more, Thanks guys.

All of that, and did I mention no rain? On the way home I stopped to get a bite to eat, and overheard the two ladies at the next table discussing bad digestion, and using the purple pill with no success. We had just spoke about this in the Olympia store today, so I was in the fix it mode. I asked her if she minded if I made a suggestion, she said if you can fix this feeling go right ahead. I suggested going into one of the Super Supplement stores and pick up some Ergozymes, some ultraduodophilus, and a strong multiple vitamin. I also told her she needed to stop eating all the spicy food she had ordered, and eat nothing but protein and green vegetables for the next sixty days. She was thankful, and I guarantee she will be in tomorrow to start a new healthy lifestyle, as she is tired of suffering, and tired of the Doctor putting her on one prescription after another with no success.Trying to fix all the bad digestion in the world must be one my callings!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Seattle day 2

Day two in Seattle.All I can say is cold cold cold, and rainy. I have such an impact on the weather, it has been beautiful here for the entire summer and look what I brought here.It is so funny the last time I was here it had been sunny for weeks and I pulled out of the rental car lot and it began raining, it rained for six days until I turned in my car at the airport to parting clouds and sun! So I am at it again, today was 55 degrees and rainy, go figure.But I must say,this is the most beautiful state I have ever been to, green as far as you can see.

The more I am up here , the more I learn about the Seattle community. Very, very healthy is the way I would describe it, and very health oriented.I have come in contact with a very large vegetarian community that seems very set in their healthy ways, it is great. Not everyone is a vegetarian of course, but I have noticed that a large majority of people have embraced healthy eating and wiser choices and made healthy eating a very important part of their lives.

Natural and Alternative medicine is also very common here and in some parts of the state it tends to be the norm, or the first choice, what a breath of fresh air. This is a phenomenon that I wish was everywhere in the United States, it would mean a much healthier American public, and a lot less over use of drug therapy and uneeded medical procedures and Doctor visits.

So hats off to you Seattle, it is a pleasure to be here once again, and Thank you to all of the wonderful people that may today a great day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Caught red handed

First of all I have already talked to the concerned parties, and they know I am writing this. A week ago I met with some customer/friends and we were reviewing the results of the diet they have been on. After finishing a very successful cleanse they decide to progress to the diet program I have put together for so many people. They had said sticking to the program they were doing well, but not quite as well as they had thought they would.

I asked them if maybe they needed a person to follow them around to make sure they were making great food choices, they agreed because after we spoke I discovered that their choices were not that great. We reviewed Glycemic foods and carbohydrate foods and then they really realized that their choices were not very well chosen. We ended the meeting with a plan to meet in the month, as they were going to do some traveling.

So to continue, as you know I am in Seattle and today I was walking and I passed the Cheescake Factory and guess who I saw in the window but did not see me. I went in and told the host I was going to join a table so I walked up to the table to see them enjoying mile high meatloaf with mile high mashed potatoes and bread and all the fixings. I walked up to the table and I said "you know this following you around to see what you are eating is a little harder than I thought", they had a deer caught in the headlight look. Remember when you were little and got caught with your hand in the cookie jar look? We all had a great laugh. And I teased them that vacations were meant to enjoy, and a good walk this evening would make things all better. I joined them for lunch and we had a great talk about stress, work and life in general. I must say I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life, even out of town , this was a great day.

Monday, September 18, 2006

In Seattle after a sickly plane ride

Wow, I am sure glad I followed my own advice. I just arrived to Seattle and I think every sick, coughing person on the face of the planet was on my plane.

Luckily, well so far, as I loaded up with Vitamin C, I took extra Body Well, and went to the phonebooth bathroom five times to snort some colloidal nasal spray up my nose. I think everyone on the plane thought I had an upset digestive tract, but I do not care as it is better than getting sick.

I was sitting in an area totally surrounded around by five kids all blowing their noses and sneezing the entire trip,and you know what that means; half in the tissue and half in the air, thank you very much.It amazed me that the parents were totally oblivious to it and just ignored the kids the entire trip. I was also blessed to be sitting next to two ladies that let everyone know at least three times that they were on their second round of antibiotics for a cold and flu they caught abroad. I have said it before, flying is like sitting in the emergency room during flu and cold season!!

Hopefully my nutritional supplements will do their job, it will be a good test of how and what to do before traveling. I also had a sweatshirt and it was a good thing as the plane was about fifty degrees.

So here I am, sixty degrees in this beautiful city and I will keep you posted as to the goings on while I am here in Seattle. It is the first time I have been here that it was not raining, but I should just bite my tongue or it will start pouring.

Have a great night, and go back a few blogs and start taking your preparation supplements as the weather is going to change faster that we think this year, so let us all be prepared.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Of I go to Seattle

Today's blog is short and sweet as I am leaving for Seattle, and I will be writing the daily blogs from there.

Many people have asked how to leave comments here, and I guess it is a little confusing, so I hope this works,

First of all you can always e- mail me if you have questions and I will get back to you within the day, or you can click on comment's section at the end of the daily article. You then type your comment and at the end pick either: other, where you wtite your name and email address, or anonymous and it will still come to me and then I will post it to the page.

Remember this is a great tool to get your questions asked as well as giving me topics you would like to see discussed eithet in the daily blog or the weekly radio show on KDWN. Either way, welcome if this is your first time here, or welcome back if you are returning. I never thought I would enjoy something so much as doing this daily writing, but I am.

So off I go into the North west and I am sure by looks of the weather report I will be making it rain again in Seattle. The last time I was there, it had been sunny for 3 weeks, and when I arrived it rained for six days. At the airport I turned in my rental car and it stopped for one week.I am trying not to take it personally but come on, give me a break!! Oh well, stay tuned for daily info from Washington state, and my vertures up yonder.

Stay healthy, and keep your fingers croosed that I can avoid the airport strip search, and that my plane makes it there smoothly. I often say I do not mind flying, it is just the going up and going down that is a problem, that in the air thing is pretty good.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A few tools to gear up for the weather change

So did you notice the weather change this morning in the Las Vegas valley? Like I told you a few weeks ago, it will happen overnight, and so will flu and cold season.

Over the next few weeks we will talk about prepatory nutrition to keep you out of the Doctors office and off antibiotics. Today I would like to run down a few things we all forget to keep in mind, simple things that can make the difference between being flat on your back sick, or up and around and healthy.

Always layer clothing. You make think it is too warm for a jacket in the morning, but that morning chill is when we catch a chill. Also, if you are out and around and the sun goes down, have a light jacket with you, because once again, this is when you catch a chill when the sun sets.

Eat as many vegetables as you can, it is amazing how much healthier you will be when you add even more veggies to the diet. Fresh or frozen count, canned vegetables do not even come close as they contain too many preservatives and way too much sodium. Seasonal fruits can help to keep your immunity up and running smoothly, but do not go crazy, when it comes down to it, fruits are still sugar.

Water Water Water, the magic bullet for cold and flu prevention, as easy as pouring and drinking, your remembering and wanting to drink it is another story. Did you know that women, and men as well have a ten times higher incidence of yeast infections, bladder and kidney infections and urinary tract infections in the cold weather? Why, they are not thirsty and they do not drink enough fresh water. In the summer we literally flood ourselves with water, but in the cooler months we do not think about it, and we end up paying the price. Another problem that ocurs from lack of water is constipation which occurs even more this time of year for exactly the same reason.

Exercise, for those of you that do,adding a little more can stimulate natural fighter cells.For those of you that do not exercise starting would be agood thing, even a bit can do wonders for your immune system.People that exercise regularly three times or more per week do not get sick nearly as often, and they feel ten times better.

Sleep, you need to get good, solid healthy recuperative sleep every night. If you do not, look into one of the natural remedies to help you.If it is a chronic problem then go to the Doctor and get the drug prescription if you need it. One way or another, if you do not get the sleep and rest you need, your body nor your or your brain can work effectively. You also have to remember that your body cannot recover, fight infection or build healthy new cells if you are not well rested. I am pro drugs, nor do I recommend the sleep drugs , but if nothing else is working, we have to do what we have to do.

Just these few things, as well as eating a little better, managing our stress, taking time out to smell the roses so to say, and then all the stuff we spoke about above will help drastically to get you through the upcoming season.

Wouldn't it be great to be the only person in your office that did not get sick? Or to have a year when you were not on three rounds of antibiotics? In the upcoming articles we will discuss flu and cold prevention with supplements. All of this will give you a heads up and a head start, the actual doing and applying of these tools is up to you..... Good luck

Friday, September 15, 2006

Lets play fifty questions

Over the years the most common question I have always been asked is with all the things on the shelf in health food stores, what do I really need? My answer to this question is always the same, "how do you feel?"

This really is the deciding factor when starting a supplement program. Many people will say I have been taking this and that for years, and my question is still always the same, "how do you feel?" The funny thing is so many people will say lousy, or tired, or just exhausted or I hurt, or I cannot sleep, I usually ask why do you keep doing something that does not work? And after they think for a second, most people say I do not know, habit I guess.

Well this is why today I want to give you a list of questions to ask yourself to see what areas you need to focus on, and you may find the questions to be things you never though could relate to how you feel. It basically gives you some guidelines or parameters to work with so you are not taking a stab in the dark, but instead hitting the nail on the head ,if you will.

1) Do you drink a lot of caffeine
2) Do you eat many servings of sugar?
3) Do you eat in between meals?
4) Are you a rollarcoaster dieter?
5) Do you have more than a couple meals served through the window of your car?
6) Do you starve yourself and then binge eat all night at home?
7) Do you eat when depressed?
8) Are you exercising?
9) Do you sleep well at night?
10) Are you an anxious person?
11) Does stress rule your life?
12) Are you moody, or negative all the time?
13) Do you eat at least three servings of vegetables daily?
14) Is your digestive system working correctly?
15) Are you on more than one medication?
16) Do you drink 8 glasses of water every day?
17) Do you work on computers daily and are your eyes healthy?
18) Is your blood pressure normal?
19) How are you hormonally?
20) Do you use antibiotics frequently?
21) Have you been to the dentist within the last twelve months?
22) Have you had bloodwork and a physical in the last year?
23) Do you work in a germ filled atmosphere at work?
24) Are you a happy person?
25) Are you always tired and running behind?
26) Do you have eliminations every single day?
27) Are your fingernails and hair healthy?
28) Have you ever taken vitamins on a regular basis?
29) Is your skin healthy and do you have adult acne?
30) Is your cholesterol normal or high?
31) Are you a diabetic, is it in the family and have you been tested?
32) Do you have a pet?
33) Do you travel frequently?
34) Do you bruise easily and do your gums bleed?
35) How is your memory and do you get headaches frequently?
36) Do you have a nervous stomach?
37) Do you have hobbies or activities you do outside of work?
38) Do you have seasonal allergies?
39) Do you watch a lot of television?

40) Are you a procrastinator?
41) Do you cook at home or eat out more often?
42) Do you study or taking classes or continuing education of any kind?
43) Have you switched careers in the last year?
44) Do you smoke or drink daily?
45) Have you gone through any surgery in the last year?
46) Do you now or have you ever had cancer and completed treatment?
47) Do you salt your food before tasting it?
48) Do you spend more time indoors or outdoors?
49) Are you a slow eater or do you eat on the run and quickly woof your food?
50) Have you always been nutritionally oriented or is this new?

This will be enough to get you started. I think you should print this and answer the questions. You yourself will find a pattern and will almost for certain link many of the problems you may be experiencing to your own bad habits. We sometimes are such creatures of habit that the craziest things become normal until you see them in print.

Make sure to hold on to these questions because every month I will add some more. This will let you get closer and closer to formulating your own areas that you will want to pay attention to. Something that drives me crazy is when you are told that one thing will do great for everyone, which is absurd because we are all different.

This list is also something to take with you when you start researching nutrition. If you are lucky enough to find someone nutritionally well versed and trained, they will be able to look at this list and give you a very focused nutritional program that you yourself will get great benefits from. If on the other hand, you go somewhere where the individual knows next to nothing ,kindly say thank you and leave and go somewhere else. Never feel obligated to compromise with your health, NEVER. Always feel that you are working with someone that is knowledgeable and knows about health situations and also medications and side effects, and is well versed in alternatives. I always tell everybody to ask yourself, would you let this person work with and make a vitamin supplement program for your mother? Hopefully you like you Mother and you would want a trusting individual to work with her. If your gut tells you yes, then give them a try.

Nutrition is like buying a car. Not everybody will fit in a corvette, some people need a truck, an SUV, or an economy car. The great thing is when you ask yourself questions and get a better grip on your own health, you actually narrow down the choices, which is a good thing.

Good luck...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sweet dreams

So how are you sleeping these days. The media will let us know that a very large portion of society does not sleep. Their opinion is that we are owning and sleeping on the incorrect mattress, and to be honest that can play a major role.

Old time mattresses have springs and as we are more shapely and larger than we were years past, we have a lot more weight pressing on those springs which definitely can make us move around at night and cause us to be awoken out of our deep sleep, and for many we can find it hard to get back into a constructive sleep pattern. Other things can also cause night restlessness that causes us to either fall asleep and then wake in an hour or so, or just play count the ceiling tiles all night long.

What is so crazy, have you ever noticed that you are so tired and then you get home and you have every intention to go to bed early as your eyes are closing on the way home. You get home and all of a sudden you are not tired anymore? This happens to more people than care to admit, and I feel this is the reason so many people are so stressed and tired every morning. We start the day with the batteries only one third charged, and then through the use of energy filled coffee drinks and sodas, we are able to get over the morning hump. Then we usually make the mistake of eating too large of a lunch meal which causes us to be bloated, and tired, so we once again reach for the sugar and caffeine to get the second jolt of the day. We have to face it, if we do not get to the cause, it is like trying to work a remote control without the batteries, you push and push the buttons but it does not work.

So what are some tips to help us get into a deep semi unconscious state and allow us to chill out and shut our brain down so we can recharge our batteries?

First of all try not eating late at night, a full stomach can cause gastric disturbances as well as cause a hiatel hernia to flare up which will have you elevated on pillows all night, and this is no way to sleep. Watch your nighttime caffeine and sugar consumption. Many people just plain eat too much at night. So many people are so busy during the day that they do not eat, and in the evening they eat from the time they get home until the time the go to bed. If this is you set a parameter, do not eat after a set time, so you can go to bed with an emptier stomach, you will sleep better.

Some people find a cocktail or a glass of wine in the evening helps to relax them, not a problem it actually has medicinal benefits. The number one cause of sleeplessness is stress, go figure. We all deal or do not deal with stress every day. Many of us handle it by suppressing our feelings and then all night long we are rethinking and reliving and resorting the day, no wonder we can not sleep. If you are one of those individuals try going for a walk about one hour before retiring time. This does many things on many levels. First of all the cardiovascular benefits are obvious, but also it gives you time to think in a more coherent mind set. Take a friend, a child or a spouse with you. Make a deal that one night you will discuss your day the next night you switch. This does so much for you it gets things off your mind and out of your over dwelling brain and it allows things and feedback to come at you, and it also allows you to make sure you can move on and not think about these things all night long. Do you really want to have a front row seat to all of the paid television half hour programming?

The next thing is look towards natural remedies before getting on the drugs. Believe me , your Doctor will be more than happy to get out the pad to write you a med that will help, but lets use that as a last resort.

Natural alternatives first. Did you know that taking your calcium, or multiple minerals at night not only heal better and help with leg cramps, that can also keep you awake, but they can actually help you sleep? It is amazing and a must for all of you that are thirty nine and holding for your bones and for the hormonal changes that so many of you will not admit you are going through! All of us around you know different. And also when you are not getting sleep how in the world can you make intelligent and decisive and complex decisions when you are exhausted and brain dead, you cannot, and should not.

The next alternative choice would be Valarian root. Valarian is an anti spasmodic for the muscles and will help you relax naturally with no groggy overhang the next day and can be used nightly with no side effects. There are also wonderful blends of nutrients for the more severe sleep problems and they may include valarian root, melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, hops, and sometimes some B vitamins can be added as well. Lately 5HTP is being used at night and the feedback is very strong and positive as it also has many people using it as a mild anti depressant.

So where do you start? Go to a very knowledgeable individual that knows nutrition and tell them exactly what you are experiencing. They should know other medications you are on to make sure there are no crossover side effects as well as if this is a new problem or if it has been going on for some time. Give the natural nutrients a try and do not be surprised if the first is not quite correct, sometimes you have to find the correct combination that works for your specific problems. Some people are so tied up in mental knots it can take some hitting and missing to find the right fit. I personally would rather have you doing trial and error with the good stuff than the pharmaceutical side. It will always be there if we eventually decide the heavy guns are needed.

One last thing, try to write down and make a list of all the things that you mentally feel are so urgent in your life that they are keeping you running around in circles. I guarantee that once you have this list you will be able to see that although you really felt urgency with all of these things, most are long term projects , some would be great to get done soon, and very few are now at the moment tasks to complete now. You will immediately feel a sigh of relief and most likely sleep better than you have in weeks. But do me and yourself a favor, if the problem persists for a long period of time and there is also a strong depression and emotional situation going on with no relief, go in for a physical, there may be more that what you think going on, and you may need to take a different route.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Today's blog is a very simple one from my heart. Thank you to everyone for your concern and your e- mails and calls. I am actually doing great. The chance to travel and do what I am so lucky to enjoy doing on a larger scale is a wonderful feeling.

So many of you are great friends and we have grown to know each other very well. I know many of you and your kids and your kids kids.This alone has made me make sure that having locations in town for you to continue all the hard work and great nutrition you have grown so accustomed to having are in place. This makes me feel wonderful because with many of us our good health is not something that comes easy, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, so knowing that you will be able to continue on your healthy paths is a good thing.

So many times I guess we all find things and places and people in our lives that we grow used to having at our fingertips and that are always there for us, and then one day they are not. This has happened to me so many times, and although I am always a proponent of change being good, I still hold true that change is hard.

So from the bottom of my heart I hope you always continue to read the blog daily, I promise to keep great information coming your way. Good information that you can use for yourself, your friends and your families. Some times the information is needed now, and sometimes it will be something you may use at a later date, or not at all. Sometimes you may just be the wiser for learning something new today, I know I always feel great when I learn something new and can share it, especially when I thought I was always doing it correctly all along!

Also, as the radio show has moved you can still hear the shows locally in Nevada on 720 on the AM dial Sundays at 8:00 AM. Also anywhere else through the computer at KDWN.COM, just make sure to make allowances for time changes.

As a reminder, please leave comments and article ideas and for that matter radio show topics you would like to have discussed. Remember, so many of you, and I am talking about thousands of you over the two and a half decades have come in and told me that listening to phone calls on the show, and hearing others with your same problems let you know you were not alone. These callers helped you to try new things, so have the same courtesy and pass on your wonderful learned knowledge ans experiences for all to read, I would very much enjoy hearing your ideas. The greatest thing about this blog, is so many of you already know me, and whose trust and friendship I am so blessed to have.

These days everyone has jumped on the nutrition bandwagon, and many of them I am sorry to say have mislead and incorrectly informed the public.That in itself makes this a wonderful blessing for me, because everyone that knows me knows that I will do everything in my power to bring the facts, the studies and the ideas that we all need and want and deserve.

Thank you, your friend, nutrition guru and loyal nutrition information source now and forever.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

B complex, an essential addition to the American diet

So we have all read food labels before that say enriched with thiamin, or Riboflavin, or Niacin. Most of the time it is on a white bleached flour product like bread, or cereal or a pre packaged food, enriched because it has been bleached out or removed and now they are adding a little back in. Not that the little bit they add in will do anything, but what is so pathetic in this country is that the main source of our B vitamins comes from this wall paper paste white bleached non nutritional food source.

Today one of the common complaints with most people is lack of energy and stress, and having no get up and go. We have to look a little closer and see that a big cause of this is a diet with no B vitamins. We also have to look at what depletes the B vitamins we do get from our diet: stress, smoking, drinking, over comsumption of caffeine and sugar and some medications as well as over cooking the food we eat. So basically we are all doomed to feel tired if we are depending for our diets to give us that vitality and energy we all crave.

Why do you think herbal stimulants, energy drinks, energy bars, and energy shakes, coffee and anything like it are so popular? Because we are all exhausted! We need to actually talk a little about the things B vitamins actually do. They increase our energy levels, they feed and nourish the skin and hair and nails. They help us deal better with stress and they support the liver. Folic acid, B-6 and B-12 also are now being recommended by cardiologists to reduce Homocysyeine levels against premature heart disease. B vitamins also help people relax and help their bodies stay more energized and focused. B complex vitamins also support the functions of the central nervous system and the digestive system, so you can see why we need them just for basic function as well as everything else.

Many people that go through severe stress or a death of a loved one or are going through radical surgery or treatment,they should increase their B vitamins, as it helps to keep them less depressed, and less tired and fatigued.

So if you are taking a low potency multiple vitamin or a drug store brand, and you feel nothing and your get up and go has got up and went, think stronger potency next time around. You need to go to a store where you can get a strong multiple with a timed released B complex in it, and if you are really dragging take a separate B complex, timed released, and sit back and enjoy the energy you have been wanting dearly and missing desperately.

Remember, a good B complex is strong and needs to be taken with a well balanced meal for maximum benefit. Also, a strong B vitamin, although timed released will still yellow the urine. The B-2 only stays in the body a few hours, but the rest of the B vitamins can be timed released for up to ten hours depending on the quality of the product and the expertise of the laboratory. Spend a little more on quality, you are worth it, and so is getting your energy back.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Today being September 11th, I think today's blog should be about remembering.

Remembering the things that are the most important to us, and things we all take for granted every single day, until something happens that changes our state of being and then changes our lives.

I am sure that the people we lost five years ago would think that the things we do not want to do everyday, and complain about, would be a pleasure if they were still here to do them.

Going to work and seeing co workers everyday. Being able to get up and go outside and breathe fresh air, and choose the place you would like to go to eat, or to shop or to just be at for fun. To be able to be with loved ones everyday, and have the chance to make and fulfill goals. Yes even to work and pay taxes and pay bills, because it would mean they were alive and well, and still on this planet.

I feel we all get so wrapped up in our lives, and we are just spinning so fast most of the time, that we have a hard time living in the now, because we are either trying to catch up for the things we did wrong or did not do yesterday, or we are aiming at the things we need to do, and the stress associated with trying to get past tomorrow that is not even here yet. I think the things we take for granted the most are things associated with our health, things we do not even think twice about until we get a bad check up, or we get ill, or find out something is majorly wrong with us.

We need to appreciate the simple things like being able to get up out of bed in the morning and walk across the floor without having to use a cane or a walker, or need assistance. Being able to eat all of the foods we love, without gastric side effects. Being able to drive by the pharmacy without having to go in every two weeks and fill hundreds of dollars worth of the prescriptions. The ability to be able to read and see clearly, to sleep at night, to remember everything you do during the day and not have memory lapses. To be able to be at this stage in your life and not go through surgery, or doing chemotherapy or radical radiation. These are a few of the grateful things we forget about, and probably should be remembered on a daily basis.

Let's face it life is going so fast, and I know we all are in a hurry, but take just a few minutes every day and be happy that you are still able to keep going and be active, and then maybe, just maybe, you will take a little better care of yourself, so you can keep going for years and years to come.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here comes the season

The weather is beginning to change here in Las Vegas. It is the craziest thing, it starts mild and then before you know it, the evenings are cool and so are the mornings, and the days are still warm, then boom, it is cool, and then actually cold.

I bring this up because it is the time of year when people start to get sick little by little. First it starts with a runny noses then segways to itchy eyes with the autumn plant pollens in the air. Then we start with the sore throat and headache, then fever and chills are right around the corner with their friends body aches, upset stomach and diarrhea. Before you know it it you are down for the count.

This is also the travel industry's time to kick in the travel season as it increases its fall and early winter advertising focus. Before your know it everyone from around the world is packed and will be bringing their germs on vacation to Las Vegas. If you are healthy and prepared you will be fine, if you are run down, and sickly you are doomed to catch whtever comes your way, guaranteed!

As the weeks continue, I will talk about flu and cold preparation, today I want to just lay the groundwork that will help to keep you out of the clinics, and emergency rooms and off unnecessary antibiotics. Like I said this will all be discussed in detail, but at least you will be aware, because before you know it the stress of the holiday season will be all over you.

Quick preparations tips: drink more water, increase Vitamin C, actually double your dose, cut back on mucus forming foods, drink water even though you will be not as thirsty. Take a product called Body Well, this is what I call a "flu shot in a tablet", and has done our city and many other states proud for almost sixteen years. Pick up some quality colloidal silver like Graces brand and keep it in stock, this is your antibiotic.Having a good echinacea and goldenseal ready to go is something ever household needs. These few basic items and simple changes you can make, will be your line of defense for the upcoming months.

With my own upcoming travel, I will be loading myself up as well as airports are the sickest place I know of . I will report back on what everybody I come in contact is NOT doing to help themselves, as passengers get on the planes and we breathe recycled germs the whole timewe are in the air. Believe me, I will be snorting colloidal silver up my nose, if I can get it on the plane, swallowing all the herbs and protector nutrients I can get, and using hand sanitizer everytime I touch anything. I refuse to get traveling based sickness, it is the one that knocks you down for weeks, and now that I am thirty nine and holding, I do not bounce back as quickly, I mean who does?

Remember a little prevention now, equals a healthy, enjoyable, Doctor and antibiotic free holiday season, YIPPEE..Now that is something to be thankful for.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Childrens nutrition

I am often asked about children's nutrition.What do they need, what should they use,what age to start supplementing, is a drug store brand ok? NO.

So before we get to all of that, lets set the scenario in the United States that most if not all children deal with every day.

Many children are reared through electronic babysitters like television, computers, DVD players and CD players. Their inactivity grows daily as they spend more time sitting and laying around then they do actually moving and playing. Most of the information they receive about diet and food they either see on a commercial or hear about through the media, or hear about it from their friends. Lets face it, commercials do not stress quality food and well balanced diets, it need only be fast, loaded with sugar,overly sweet, microwaveable and ready to go. It also tends to be fried, battered, loaded with carbohydrates, and as far as the beverages go, the sweeter and the more caffeine the better. Television has become a parents best friend and worst enemy at the same time. The advertisers know exactly how and when to run the commercials to get the most attention and bang for their advertising bucks, and it works. As a matter of fact, the Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are even advertising drug therapy on television and adults are drawn right into the commercials as well, and end up asking for the medication at their next Doctors visit. Brilliant these advertisers are, just plain brilliant.

Today's children are actually spoon feeding geriatric diseases to themselves because of this lack of proper nutrition and actually can be overfed and malnutritioned at the same time. It is not uncommon for children under twelve to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and circulatory disease because of their diet and inactivity. Look at the rising percentage of obesity in the United States with adults, and now look at the children. Last week I heard that for the first time ever, today's kids actually have a chance of not living as long as their parents will, there is only one thing to blame this on, and only one, DIET!

Moderation seems to be the key we need to live by, a little of the junk food now and then is not the problem, it is the day after day of making this the diet the one kids know and love and crave. Of course parents cannot be with their children twenty four hours a day, they are sent out into the world and we have to hope they make somewhat good choices. But when they are home and you can control the food, this will make a huge difference in their overall health, vitality, attention span, study habits, mood, focus and their immune system.

We know that when children are eating a balanced diet and have a healthy breakfast every morning and are steered away from the over consumption of carbohydrates and simple sugars, they are more focused and they themselves will tell you they do better in school. I speak to many kids that will admit that they have a hard time concentrating, and it is frustrating to them. Personally I really wonder how many children are diagnosed as being attention challenged, or focus challenged and it really is diet based? I would bet that this number would be staggering.

So let's talk nutrition. Ages infant to two years of age, a good quality liquid multiple vitamin would be the best choice. Liquid vitamin C and a liquid acidophilus will round out the program. Remember your kids are going to be in situations when other kids will be present, so they need to keep their immune systems strong and their defenses up. This can save you a lot of unnecessary antibiotics and Doctors visits.

Ages three to eight, a natural non sugar based chewable multiple vitamin, a chewable vitamin C, and a chewable calcium will do the trick. Give the calcium to them at bedtime, this always helps with nighttime relaxation and growing pains, as well as healthy bones and teeth.

From the age of nine on, a smaller swallowable multiple vitamin, vitamin C, and calcium will suit this age category just fine. This might also be the time to overstress the need for vegetables, fruits, good dairy and healthy snacks and start to preach the importance of fresh water. Kids will eat what is in the house, matter of fact, most kids will eat almost anything, so the more good choices and less bad ones can make the difference. I am not saying they will not moan and groan and want other things, I am just saying when it comes down to it, when they are hungry they will eat.

With the American diet being so de-natured, and all of us needing to survive in a healthy way, we have to fill the dietary voids through supplementation and quality diet choices that make sense for the long haul. Children have the most to lose as their minds and bodies are still developing ,so remember, the better the fuel the better the mileage.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Comments and feedback

When I was asked to write a blog or how I would feel writing one, I really was not sure. Now that I have been doing this daily for a few weeks, I am truly amazed at the feedback I am receiving.

The great thing about this format is you are able to put daily information out there to whomever would like to read it, just like the radio show, and it is open for anyone to access. So many people are e- mailing me that I thought that I would talk about the comment section. Although I enjoy thoroughly answering and reading e -mails and would never want them to stop, I thought so many of them may also be questions others have, but do not ask. So you may try leaving a comment at the comment section after the days article, just sign in under "other", and then leave a comment and I will post them.

To be honest with you this is more inspiring for me than for you, as it gives me topics to write about. I can answer and address questions and hopefully hit questions that may be on other peoples minds. I cannot tell you over the two and a half decades I have been on the air the thousands of times I have had people say, "you were talking about me today" or "I have always wondered that". or "thank you , I was to embarrassed to ask that on the air or in person". So please utilized this great tool and help me to talk about things that interest many more people than we can put a face to, individuals that may not think to write about it but really have wanted it to be discussed.

Some of the best information I have received through life has been the feedback I have learned from other people talking about their own experiences, both good and bad.

I hope to hear from many of you soon, as I would like to keep this tool aimed in the direction where we can all learn from each other.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Where am I and where did I park my car?

So have you ever had one of those days when you are sure you have lost your memory forever? I mean the one where you cannot remember a single thing, forget where you parked your car at the mall, forget peoples names, addresses, phone numbers, and you go back into the house three times because you forgot everything you needed for the day. I have those days once and a while but sometimes they are so overwhelming that as the day continues it keeps getting worst and worst to the point where all I can think about is what will I forget next.

They say that age brings this on, but I speak to many younger people that have this problem decades before they could be considered to have age related memory loss, and I have come to the conclusion that it is diet and stress based. How else would so many younger adults have all of these geriatric problems? We overeat all the time but what we overeat has no nutritional value and cannot possibly feed our brains, or for that fact feed anything in our bodies.

I find that when people increase their protein intake, their memories get better, as protein feeds the muscles, the organs and the brain. Junk food, although great tasting is nice on the palate, but empty on the nutrition scale. So what do we do? As stress increases and as we pile on more and more work on our plate, and as long as we keep running around in circles, eating badly, not getting enough rest and sleep, how can we possibly expect to be mentally sharp and well tuned? I think supplements may be the answer, but where do we start.

There are a few blends and some singular herbs to take a look at. Remember, you have to add in eye strain also as this can affect your memory as well. So I usually start people off with a good quality Ginkgo Biloba to increase blood flow to the brain. This can be used by almost everyone, except if you are on a blood thinner or have severely high blood pressure, although most physicians will approve it. The next nutrients I would add are Vinpocetine and Huperzine, as well as DMAe, and PS or Phosphatidyl Serene. It really depends on how bad the memory is, and if the lights are on and nobody is home, so to say. I usually recommend starting with one and adding the others in one at a time. If you start with all of them, you really will never know if you actually needed them all, so start slowly.

Once again, many of us have stress related and diet related memory problems. So many of us have self induced stress as well as the kind you do not have any control over, it does not matter to the body, it is still stress. There are although many people that have actual physical and mental problems and health related problems that actually do affect their memories, and simply de -stressing is not going to work. Many of them use nutrition to help out, as pharmacological drugs are either not available, or their success is not what people are looking for, or side effects outweight any benefits. I find that people in this category do the research, and find this route works very, very well for a large percentage of them.

So whether you are mentally slipping because of your age , your health, your diet or just basic overload, do not forget to put some great brain nutrition into your daily supplement program, it may just be exactly what you need for your brain to do its job.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Consumers spend literally billions of dollars each and every year on the quick fix for damaged hair and nails that are ugly and do not grow. Topical solutions and conditioners, non chemical permanents, natural glue extensions, non chemical relaxers and yet the industry and the selection from which consumers have to pick from grows daily.

Why, well mostly because the manufactures know that people will keep trying and paying to do whatever they can to fix and help the health of their hair and nails. Where consumers go wrong is that although they may get beneficial effects from these topical treatments, the main solution may be as close as their diet and what supplements they take internally.

Today in America so many women, and men diet monthly.They starve themselves from one rollercoaster diet to another. They consume way to little protein and way to much sugar, carbs, caffeine, and food that has no nutritional value. We all need to remember that how the hair and nails grow depends on the nutrients it has in its soil, so to say, that it obtains its nutrients from.

If you plant to rose bushes and you fertilize one and give it plenty of great soil and lots of water, it will flourish. On the other hand the other rose bush although beautiful when planted, starved for proper light, water and nutrition, will soon wither and always have an unhealthy look and never grow to its potential.

Hair and nails are no different. If you suffer with unhealthy nails that split and break and tear, they are soft and not a hard density, you have deficiencies. These come either from not digesting your food correctly, a very bad diet, lack of nutrition, and even stress and hormones.

The best thing to do is delegate three months to proper diet, preferably low carb and high in protein, which feeds the nails, actually this can be done for the hair as well. Take a multiple mineral formula every night, preferably one that is chelated for better digestion, remember brittle nails can be a sign of brittle bones! Then get on a strong multiple vitamin, timed released and take it once or twice per day, do not but a drug store brand. Then add the best hair and or nail formula or both which ever fits your needs. These will pick up all of the isolated nutrients that you do not find in even the best multiple. Make sure you drink a lot of water and manage your stress as much as possible. I think you will find that these are the missing pieces of the hair and nail puzzle.

You will notice the difference but your nail and hair person will notice it before you, as they will see the changes from the last time they worked on it for you. Do not be surprised if by doing all of this that you drop up to ten pounds, feel better than you have in a long time, and have people tell you that you look totally refreshed, wow, wont that be a terrible thing?

All good things start on the inside, and our outer body either reflects the good things we do for ourselves, or it shows how badly we treat this body we live in. So when you decide to pick up that overpriced shampoo and state of the art conditioner and nail treatment, remember you will get the full benefit when you start with the inside as well as the outside of your body.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Slow down you move too fast!

So I am supposed to relay information about happenings and things I have learned and pass them onto friends and readers.

So, last week I learned a very vital lesson: never stand on a wall to trim your trees on a hot day with twenty things on your mind. I am actually very lucky, although the experience could have been worst, I ended up very sore, very purple and with a little less flexibility.

Did you ever have something go wrong and it felt like it was all in slow motion? I mean the falling off the wall, the hitting the branch, the ladder tipping over on top of me, and like in a cartoon, the branch cutters landing point first in the dirt a few inches from my head? What a trip, literally. Moral of the story, if you can not trim the branch from the ground, it does not get trimmed.

Thank goodness I had a bunch of healthy stuff at home to self treat myself. As there was no broken skin, only a slight scrape, and all the hurt was from swollen, I mean very swollen muscle and tissue, I would have to treat from the inside. I am actually very lucky the branch did not just go right through me and come out the other side with the force of how I hit it.

Most of us know that minerals are the prime healers for the muscles, so I started on my minerals, they are chelated Super Minerals so they absorb quickly, they also use the highest quality ingredients and I know that by taking a lot of them pain releif was on its way. I also added trace minerals, I use the Mezotrace because they are very absorbable also.I then added some Msm capsules for inflammation, and some Emergen-C effervescent Vitamin C packets all during the day. I am amazed, I am still a lovely shade of lavender, but pain for the most part has gone down almost 80%, and that is really saying something. Treating from the inside in not what most of us are familiar with, if it is bleeding we know about salves , medicine and gauze, but when it is an internal wound, it is unfamiliar territory.

Inflammation, sore muscles,arthritis pain, and trauma all can be helped with the above nutrients, and you will get relief very quickly. Most of us choose the narcotic pain relief meds, and although they have their place in treatment, the nutrients seem to me once again to get to the cause and not just bandaid the symptoms. Although looking up at the blue sky, laying in the dirt and feeling the hurt and pain,trying to catch my breath, drugs were the first thing on my mind, at the moment.

The best advice for all of us is to just slow down, pay attention, watch your step, and try to concentrate on what you are doing at the moment, and stop thinking about what you need to do next! I am actually committing this to memory so next time I WILL LISTEN TO MY OWN ADVICE.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Happy Labor Day Holiday

Holidays are meant to stay home, be with friends and family and generally celebrate life as we know it and also as we would like it to be.

Today is one of those days. I am grateful for everyone in my life, and for all the opportunities my life lets me pursue. This new venture is something I am going to enjoy because it is doing the things I love to do, and I am very thankful for that.

So tomorrow will be back to normal blogs and information, but today is Labor day, or in my mind , lack of labor. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday today, and I will be back tomorrow in full blog.

Please when you are here, I have adjusted the blog site to take comments and questions.Also you may leave topic suggestions you may be interested in having discussed. Anyway, thanks for coming by every day and listening to me chat, babble, talk, vent whatever you would like to call it.

Happy Holiday.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

How well are you seeing the things around you?

Have you noticed that things around you are not as clear as they always were. I am amazed how many people say they never had any eye problems and then one day they noticed the newspaper was blurry.

I myself was eating lunch one day reading the placemat waiting for lunch to be delivered. All seemed well and I was rubbing my right eye, and when I looked down the page was blurry. I covered my left eye and all was clear, I covered my right eye and blurry again. I picked up the placemat in a panic and did the forty year old arm length reading routine, and all was clear. There it was, I was forty, no doubt about it. Bummer I thought to myself, but then I remembered , we have wonderful nutrients available to us, with no prescription needed. I figured I should start soon, and nip this before it became a problem, but at this time I did not start the extra nutrients, I guess I did not want to give in to getting older!!!

Then the next thing I noticed was that when I was driving at night the headlights coming at me and from behind me seemed to bother my eyes. If I was on a long distance drive I would turn the mirrors out because it seemed everyone had their brights on, I finally realized it was time to start the eye nutrients, and just get over the getting older thing. With as many things as I take I wondeded if I needed them, but then remembered my own rule, take a blend for that specific ailment so that you every tool available for that one situation.

I started using supplemental bilberry and lutein with the ocular formula, and in a short time there was a difference. They say that eating seven to eight servings of vegetables helps, and also eating the purple fruits can help the eyes, but I was not relying on food alone. This has made such a drastic difference that when I see people out in public doing the extended arm reading position I tell them about these nutrients. I also like to inform anyone that is already wearing glasses, anyone diagnosed with macular degeneration, glaucoma, anyone that has cataracts or whom has had them removed to keep their eyes healthy.

The largest group of people that I need to mention and who need to concentrate on these nutrients is the very large demographic group of individuals that read, type, work and stare at computers all day long. I really think this is when my eyes started to change. Matter of fact, the more I work on computers and answer e- mails and type and do research, I have learned that if you are not careful time will get away from you and you can stare at these blue screens for hours on end. You really do need to break every once and a while, get away from the screen or I feel you can do damage to your eyes staring so many hours every time you sit down, day after day, week after week.

Today people work computers all day, then they come home and are on them for hours on end every night. This adds up to present and future eye strain problems. Many people have heard me speak about eye nutrients like bilberry and lutein and ocular, about eating more green vegetables and purple fruits and the benefits they provide.Many people have listened and benefited and then there is the other group out there that will only do the "right thing" when it is an act of desperation. I think there never is a better time to act positively for your health than when you know you are in that risk category for whatever it is that is starting to affect you. Remember , it is never too late to be good to yourself.

So, if you are an eye strain junkee, you read a lot and live on computers, you already have eye problems, you have been diagnosed with an eye ailment, or you are doing the forty year old arm stretch reading rountine, try taking some good eye nutrition supplements, your eyes will love you for it.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Mother Nature

I get more and more amazed how our minds and bodies change these days. I remember when I was growing up and I would would hear people complaining about their aches and pains, and I would think wow, they are getting old. They would always say, just wait and see, you will wake up one day and all will be different.

It is the craziest thing, you wake up one day and find yourself sitting on the bed taking a few minutes to collect yourself in the morning before getting up. You know, hitting the snooze alarm four or five times. Having to drink three cups of coffee to get going.I hear so many people talk about how there was a time when they could drop ten pounds in a weekend when they were younger, and now it takes almost two months. There was a time when we could eat anything we wanted and now we have to be careful or we are up all night with gas and heartburn. Remember when you wanted to go out and party all night, and then get no sleep and you could still function perfectly, now if you do not get your sleep you are a zombie all day long.

Do you notice you find yourself looking at the younger generation trying to figure out why they act like they do,and why are they so loud and immature,when you know we were all the same way when we were younger. What is so strange that we are turning into our parents, the sad thing is we are turning into our parents when they were 60, and we are only 40, something is not right here.

Many of these things are just a fact of getting older and more mature. I find that those of us that are willing to push the time barrier, and not lay around and let moss grow on us, and those of us who are not ready to give in to mother nature can slow down the time clock a little. I think the key to all of this is the word moderation. Eat a little better, exercise a little more, get a little more sleep, take your vitamins a little more consistently, also take time to play and enjoy life a little more and do not live only for the job, if you do, you will add to the revenge of mother nature, and have alot of coulda shoulda wouldas later in life. Hind sight really is twenty twenty, I mean I already find myself saying I should have listened to that little voice, and I should have know better.

They say that you are just older now, it heals slower, you recover slower, you are not what you used to be, well I say fooey to those people because they may have given in to aging and want us to join them.

The key to healthy vitality is getting our butts out of those perfectly made dents we have made in our couches.