Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Omega three, we need it

So are you eating the three to four servings of salmon they say we should eat every week? Me neither, I love it and have it when I can, but I will not prepare it at home, I just wont. I stress the importance of omega three fatty acids as we need them for lubricating the joints, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease and actually helping the brain, but most people will not do it with diet, so omega three capsules are the next best thing.

I love omega three capsules and always stress that you need to make sure you are paying for good quality that use only deep sea salmon, and halibut and mackerel, not all brands can or will guarantee it. I mean if you are going to have salmon, eat it baked, or poached, you would never deep fry it. So if you are going to go through the expense of taking it in capsule form, take a good one.

Remember if you are not a fish person, you can use the vegetarian form which is flax oil, in capsules or liquid. I like both, I do find that most people are big babies when it comes to using the liquid, "they don't like the taste", "I do not know how to use it".

I find using a Tablespoon in your salad dressing, or protein drink or in yogurt or in salsa does the trick. This is the best part of it, 1 Tablespoon equals nine capsules. I go back and forth between the two as do others I know. Remember, we do not get this in our diet unless we physically add it , which means fish, so supplement it however you can, as your brain and your kids brains, your hearts, lungs, skin, joints, liver and digestive system will love you for it.

Just do it, as this is one of those critical things we need to do, as heart disease is killing to many of us at too young of an age, and we can control it, we just have to be responsible.

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