Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Slow down you move too fast!

So I am supposed to relay information about happenings and things I have learned and pass them onto friends and readers.

So, last week I learned a very vital lesson: never stand on a wall to trim your trees on a hot day with twenty things on your mind. I am actually very lucky, although the experience could have been worst, I ended up very sore, very purple and with a little less flexibility.

Did you ever have something go wrong and it felt like it was all in slow motion? I mean the falling off the wall, the hitting the branch, the ladder tipping over on top of me, and like in a cartoon, the branch cutters landing point first in the dirt a few inches from my head? What a trip, literally. Moral of the story, if you can not trim the branch from the ground, it does not get trimmed.

Thank goodness I had a bunch of healthy stuff at home to self treat myself. As there was no broken skin, only a slight scrape, and all the hurt was from swollen, I mean very swollen muscle and tissue, I would have to treat from the inside. I am actually very lucky the branch did not just go right through me and come out the other side with the force of how I hit it.

Most of us know that minerals are the prime healers for the muscles, so I started on my minerals, they are chelated Super Minerals so they absorb quickly, they also use the highest quality ingredients and I know that by taking a lot of them pain releif was on its way. I also added trace minerals, I use the Mezotrace because they are very absorbable also.I then added some Msm capsules for inflammation, and some Emergen-C effervescent Vitamin C packets all during the day. I am amazed, I am still a lovely shade of lavender, but pain for the most part has gone down almost 80%, and that is really saying something. Treating from the inside in not what most of us are familiar with, if it is bleeding we know about salves , medicine and gauze, but when it is an internal wound, it is unfamiliar territory.

Inflammation, sore muscles,arthritis pain, and trauma all can be helped with the above nutrients, and you will get relief very quickly. Most of us choose the narcotic pain relief meds, and although they have their place in treatment, the nutrients seem to me once again to get to the cause and not just bandaid the symptoms. Although looking up at the blue sky, laying in the dirt and feeling the hurt and pain,trying to catch my breath, drugs were the first thing on my mind, at the moment.

The best advice for all of us is to just slow down, pay attention, watch your step, and try to concentrate on what you are doing at the moment, and stop thinking about what you need to do next! I am actually committing this to memory so next time I WILL LISTEN TO MY OWN ADVICE.

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