Friday, September 29, 2006

Wow am I full

I was at one of the hotels tonight waiting for friends to join me for dinner. I arrived early so I walked around waiting and people watching, a past time of mine. I was hanging out in the concourse near the buffet, and I was listening to the people in line for the buffet.

Outside of the buffet they list all of the foods that are available when you go into the room, and the list is quite impressive and of course it is all you can eat. I often wonder where the term "all you can eat" came from, because personally I do not think we need to go to an all you can eat, unless it was going to be your last meal for a week or so, but it isn't. Chances are you will be able to eat again tomorrow, if not later tonight. The funny thing is people were actually excited at the thought being able to put one over on the hotel, and were saying things like, "they will lose money on me, and wait until you see how much I can eat". I guess when Ithink back to when I first moved here I had that same mentality, I mean with all that food at my fingertips, yahoo! AND ENJOY IT I DID!!!!!

So to get back on track I moved down near the exit and sat down to wait for my friends. I was there about an hour or so and I actually saw some of the same people coming out from the buffet,and they were all walking a little crooked and holding the stomachs and unbuttoning their pants, asking if anyone in the group had an antacid, it was then that I though they should hand out digestive enzymes like Ergozymes to everyone that is leaving. Lets face it, if you did not make a complete pig of yourself at the buffet, chances are you did eat more than you are used to, it is natural, we all have done it. So the idea of handing out digestive enzymes would be a super idea. The marketing campaign could be something like " Let us help you digest that huge meal you have just enjoyed, so you do not have to be up all night wishing you had not eaten the whole thing".

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