Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Caught red handed

First of all I have already talked to the concerned parties, and they know I am writing this. A week ago I met with some customer/friends and we were reviewing the results of the diet they have been on. After finishing a very successful cleanse they decide to progress to the diet program I have put together for so many people. They had said sticking to the program they were doing well, but not quite as well as they had thought they would.

I asked them if maybe they needed a person to follow them around to make sure they were making great food choices, they agreed because after we spoke I discovered that their choices were not that great. We reviewed Glycemic foods and carbohydrate foods and then they really realized that their choices were not very well chosen. We ended the meeting with a plan to meet in the month, as they were going to do some traveling.

So to continue, as you know I am in Seattle and today I was walking and I passed the Cheescake Factory and guess who I saw in the window but did not see me. I went in and told the host I was going to join a table so I walked up to the table to see them enjoying mile high meatloaf with mile high mashed potatoes and bread and all the fixings. I walked up to the table and I said "you know this following you around to see what you are eating is a little harder than I thought", they had a deer caught in the headlight look. Remember when you were little and got caught with your hand in the cookie jar look? We all had a great laugh. And I teased them that vacations were meant to enjoy, and a good walk this evening would make things all better. I joined them for lunch and we had a great talk about stress, work and life in general. I must say I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life, even out of town , this was a great day.

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