Saturday, September 23, 2006

Healthy eyes

I received over four hundred e mails this week and a large portion of them asked me to discuss eye health. Most of them were from people that have recently been diagnosed with either Macular degeneration or cataracts, or those who had already had surgery and wanted to prevent all future eye problems.

First of all ,step one is to remember that increasing all dark green vegetables would be a good start . They contain all of the natural carotenoids that stimulate your immune system as well as helping with giving you pure food eye nutrition. We should all be eating more greens anyway, but this should be even more of an incentive.

As far as supplements to take, I recommend a complete nutritional blend that makes it easy and takes out the guesswork.There is nothing worst than using one of ten nutrients for a specific problem, and not using the others, and then finding out years later you were using the ONE that you really did not need. The formula I recommend is called Ocular, it is a three tablet a day formula, which can be spread out throughout the day or taken all at once.This is a unique and concentrated blend that contains everything so you do not miss the boat, so to say for covering all ends.

If there are serious eye problems, adding extra Lutein at about 20 mg, and an extra dose of Bilberry will add extra support to the eye nutritional program. I think the best defense is a good offense, we need to always be a step ahead and I really do not think it is too late to change our health, and for that, better our vision.

These days it is not only the geriatric crowd that have eye problems. With the era of computers and so many people having or choosing to have lifestyles that are built on eye strain and focal eye stress, many younger individuals are now having mature eye diseases in their thirties and younger. Bottom line, we need to always prepare our bodies for the stress that we or life puts on us.

A few blog page articles ago I wrote a list of fifty questions that can help you narrow down the nutrition you should be using and at the same time take a look at the things you are doing everyday that may add to your bad health.

So, remember Ocular, with supplemental Bilberry and Lutein. A few small steps for maximum eye health,made easy with Great Earths new focus of using blends rather than having to take things separately. I know that myself over the years I have complicated my own nutrition by having to balance and make sure that all my bases were covered. These new blend make it easier, more economical and overall less tablets and capsules to remember to take everyday. This is the future of quality nutrition.

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