Monday, September 18, 2006

In Seattle after a sickly plane ride

Wow, I am sure glad I followed my own advice. I just arrived to Seattle and I think every sick, coughing person on the face of the planet was on my plane.

Luckily, well so far, as I loaded up with Vitamin C, I took extra Body Well, and went to the phonebooth bathroom five times to snort some colloidal nasal spray up my nose. I think everyone on the plane thought I had an upset digestive tract, but I do not care as it is better than getting sick.

I was sitting in an area totally surrounded around by five kids all blowing their noses and sneezing the entire trip,and you know what that means; half in the tissue and half in the air, thank you very much.It amazed me that the parents were totally oblivious to it and just ignored the kids the entire trip. I was also blessed to be sitting next to two ladies that let everyone know at least three times that they were on their second round of antibiotics for a cold and flu they caught abroad. I have said it before, flying is like sitting in the emergency room during flu and cold season!!

Hopefully my nutritional supplements will do their job, it will be a good test of how and what to do before traveling. I also had a sweatshirt and it was a good thing as the plane was about fifty degrees.

So here I am, sixty degrees in this beautiful city and I will keep you posted as to the goings on while I am here in Seattle. It is the first time I have been here that it was not raining, but I should just bite my tongue or it will start pouring.

Have a great night, and go back a few blogs and start taking your preparation supplements as the weather is going to change faster that we think this year, so let us all be prepared.

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