Monday, September 11, 2006


Today being September 11th, I think today's blog should be about remembering.

Remembering the things that are the most important to us, and things we all take for granted every single day, until something happens that changes our state of being and then changes our lives.

I am sure that the people we lost five years ago would think that the things we do not want to do everyday, and complain about, would be a pleasure if they were still here to do them.

Going to work and seeing co workers everyday. Being able to get up and go outside and breathe fresh air, and choose the place you would like to go to eat, or to shop or to just be at for fun. To be able to be with loved ones everyday, and have the chance to make and fulfill goals. Yes even to work and pay taxes and pay bills, because it would mean they were alive and well, and still on this planet.

I feel we all get so wrapped up in our lives, and we are just spinning so fast most of the time, that we have a hard time living in the now, because we are either trying to catch up for the things we did wrong or did not do yesterday, or we are aiming at the things we need to do, and the stress associated with trying to get past tomorrow that is not even here yet. I think the things we take for granted the most are things associated with our health, things we do not even think twice about until we get a bad check up, or we get ill, or find out something is majorly wrong with us.

We need to appreciate the simple things like being able to get up out of bed in the morning and walk across the floor without having to use a cane or a walker, or need assistance. Being able to eat all of the foods we love, without gastric side effects. Being able to drive by the pharmacy without having to go in every two weeks and fill hundreds of dollars worth of the prescriptions. The ability to be able to read and see clearly, to sleep at night, to remember everything you do during the day and not have memory lapses. To be able to be at this stage in your life and not go through surgery, or doing chemotherapy or radical radiation. These are a few of the grateful things we forget about, and probably should be remembered on a daily basis.

Let's face it life is going so fast, and I know we all are in a hurry, but take just a few minutes every day and be happy that you are still able to keep going and be active, and then maybe, just maybe, you will take a little better care of yourself, so you can keep going for years and years to come.

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