Saturday, September 16, 2006

A few tools to gear up for the weather change

So did you notice the weather change this morning in the Las Vegas valley? Like I told you a few weeks ago, it will happen overnight, and so will flu and cold season.

Over the next few weeks we will talk about prepatory nutrition to keep you out of the Doctors office and off antibiotics. Today I would like to run down a few things we all forget to keep in mind, simple things that can make the difference between being flat on your back sick, or up and around and healthy.

Always layer clothing. You make think it is too warm for a jacket in the morning, but that morning chill is when we catch a chill. Also, if you are out and around and the sun goes down, have a light jacket with you, because once again, this is when you catch a chill when the sun sets.

Eat as many vegetables as you can, it is amazing how much healthier you will be when you add even more veggies to the diet. Fresh or frozen count, canned vegetables do not even come close as they contain too many preservatives and way too much sodium. Seasonal fruits can help to keep your immunity up and running smoothly, but do not go crazy, when it comes down to it, fruits are still sugar.

Water Water Water, the magic bullet for cold and flu prevention, as easy as pouring and drinking, your remembering and wanting to drink it is another story. Did you know that women, and men as well have a ten times higher incidence of yeast infections, bladder and kidney infections and urinary tract infections in the cold weather? Why, they are not thirsty and they do not drink enough fresh water. In the summer we literally flood ourselves with water, but in the cooler months we do not think about it, and we end up paying the price. Another problem that ocurs from lack of water is constipation which occurs even more this time of year for exactly the same reason.

Exercise, for those of you that do,adding a little more can stimulate natural fighter cells.For those of you that do not exercise starting would be agood thing, even a bit can do wonders for your immune system.People that exercise regularly three times or more per week do not get sick nearly as often, and they feel ten times better.

Sleep, you need to get good, solid healthy recuperative sleep every night. If you do not, look into one of the natural remedies to help you.If it is a chronic problem then go to the Doctor and get the drug prescription if you need it. One way or another, if you do not get the sleep and rest you need, your body nor your or your brain can work effectively. You also have to remember that your body cannot recover, fight infection or build healthy new cells if you are not well rested. I am pro drugs, nor do I recommend the sleep drugs , but if nothing else is working, we have to do what we have to do.

Just these few things, as well as eating a little better, managing our stress, taking time out to smell the roses so to say, and then all the stuff we spoke about above will help drastically to get you through the upcoming season.

Wouldn't it be great to be the only person in your office that did not get sick? Or to have a year when you were not on three rounds of antibiotics? In the upcoming articles we will discuss flu and cold prevention with supplements. All of this will give you a heads up and a head start, the actual doing and applying of these tools is up to you..... Good luck

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  1. Jeff thank you so much for this wonderful daily site.You have spoke to our group many times, and we have aleays learned so much. WWith you closing your store we though we had lost you, but this is even better, we get a condensed radio show every single day...I am sure I speak for everyone that knows you.