Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here comes the season

The weather is beginning to change here in Las Vegas. It is the craziest thing, it starts mild and then before you know it, the evenings are cool and so are the mornings, and the days are still warm, then boom, it is cool, and then actually cold.

I bring this up because it is the time of year when people start to get sick little by little. First it starts with a runny noses then segways to itchy eyes with the autumn plant pollens in the air. Then we start with the sore throat and headache, then fever and chills are right around the corner with their friends body aches, upset stomach and diarrhea. Before you know it it you are down for the count.

This is also the travel industry's time to kick in the travel season as it increases its fall and early winter advertising focus. Before your know it everyone from around the world is packed and will be bringing their germs on vacation to Las Vegas. If you are healthy and prepared you will be fine, if you are run down, and sickly you are doomed to catch whtever comes your way, guaranteed!

As the weeks continue, I will talk about flu and cold preparation, today I want to just lay the groundwork that will help to keep you out of the clinics, and emergency rooms and off unnecessary antibiotics. Like I said this will all be discussed in detail, but at least you will be aware, because before you know it the stress of the holiday season will be all over you.

Quick preparations tips: drink more water, increase Vitamin C, actually double your dose, cut back on mucus forming foods, drink water even though you will be not as thirsty. Take a product called Body Well, this is what I call a "flu shot in a tablet", and has done our city and many other states proud for almost sixteen years. Pick up some quality colloidal silver like Graces brand and keep it in stock, this is your antibiotic.Having a good echinacea and goldenseal ready to go is something ever household needs. These few basic items and simple changes you can make, will be your line of defense for the upcoming months.

With my own upcoming travel, I will be loading myself up as well as airports are the sickest place I know of . I will report back on what everybody I come in contact is NOT doing to help themselves, as passengers get on the planes and we breathe recycled germs the whole timewe are in the air. Believe me, I will be snorting colloidal silver up my nose, if I can get it on the plane, swallowing all the herbs and protector nutrients I can get, and using hand sanitizer everytime I touch anything. I refuse to get traveling based sickness, it is the one that knocks you down for weeks, and now that I am thirty nine and holding, I do not bounce back as quickly, I mean who does?

Remember a little prevention now, equals a healthy, enjoyable, Doctor and antibiotic free holiday season, YIPPEE..Now that is something to be thankful for.

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