Friday, September 22, 2006

The comment posting process yet again

Well another day ends here in Seattle, and to my surprise it is beautiful and no rain again. I am getting so many e-mails and requests for articles to be discussed and when I am home next week I will start addressing each and every one and have one topic a day to talk about.

The reason I know about requests is the large e-mail base I am receiving daily, and thank you for that. Although it gets the information to me. I am going to review the comment process one more time on the blog. This is a great idea because it lets people know that the question has been asked and also gives people an idea for possibly more subjects to talk about. Also, I cannot republish all of the wonderful success stories you e-mail me, but YOU can post them for people to see.

This is the process. Read the days article and click on comments. When you get there a white box will appear and you just type your success stories, questions and whatever. After you are through there are three choices to pick from 1) Click BLOG if you happen to have your own blog address. 2) Other, it will the ask for your name- use your real one and web address- this is your e mail address. 3) You can click on anonymous and post your thoughts this way if you choose.

It is so easy and it will allow me to write articles that you will enjoy, and also allow people to know and learn from things you have tried with great success, and how you are doing.

I seriously do not care how you post, just that you do for everyone to be a little closer and for us all to learn from each other.

Thank you

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