Monday, September 25, 2006

The magic bullet, two blocks down from the magic rainbow

Well back in Las Vegas and I have learned a valuable lesson on my trip. People are people, and bad habits have no state lines, and different climates do not separate us and make us stricter with our diets, our supplement taking or our will power.

In a way I was actually happy to know that most people are doing things exactly the same in completely different parts of the country. I spoke to so many people and customers that were eating the wrong food, could not get motivated with starting an exercise program, hated going to the Doctor, loved fast food, were couch potatoes, and basically were just plain old. AMERICANS!!

The sad thing is people up there are looking for the magic bullet just like people are everywhere else. The one pill that will make them youthful, better looking, skinnier, smarter, and make all of the abuse they have bestowed upon themselves go away, and do it all by tomorrow. So bottom line we all, as Americans, and possibly other countries, I have not been out of the states for a while, all want the same thing, health without effort, and it does not exist.

We know that taking supplements works, but you have to be consistent at doing it. We all of course know that exercising and being active is great for us, but we have to do it to benefit from it.Of course the big one is that we know eating better and making wiser food choices is a no brainer, but we have to do it as well. So there is no magic bullet, and making choices takes conviction and being true to yourself, and making choices can be painful, and sometimes boring and not what we like, but it comes down to seeing how badly you really want things to change. If you do not do the things that warrant and award you with a change, then you will never know your full potential.

Like they say, you may want to win the lottery but you have to buy a ticket.

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