Thursday, September 21, 2006

Seattle day 3

What a great day up here in Seattle today. NO RAIN!!!! Wow, what a pleasure that was, especially after it was so cold last night I got up during the night and took a shower to warm up.My blood must be so thin after being in the desert so long, oh well, I love it there.

I was lucky enough to do an in store training today at one of the stores. It is always such a pleasure to be able to work with a staff that are nutritionally oriented, intelligent and open to always learning even more, Thanks guys.

All of that, and did I mention no rain? On the way home I stopped to get a bite to eat, and overheard the two ladies at the next table discussing bad digestion, and using the purple pill with no success. We had just spoke about this in the Olympia store today, so I was in the fix it mode. I asked her if she minded if I made a suggestion, she said if you can fix this feeling go right ahead. I suggested going into one of the Super Supplement stores and pick up some Ergozymes, some ultraduodophilus, and a strong multiple vitamin. I also told her she needed to stop eating all the spicy food she had ordered, and eat nothing but protein and green vegetables for the next sixty days. She was thankful, and I guarantee she will be in tomorrow to start a new healthy lifestyle, as she is tired of suffering, and tired of the Doctor putting her on one prescription after another with no success.Trying to fix all the bad digestion in the world must be one my callings!

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