Monday, October 9, 2006

Flashy labels do not make them work better

Have you noticed that the pharmaceutical companies are all now putting flashy words on their vitamin bottles. The same companies that 15 years ago and long before that never wanted to have anything to do with vitamin industry are now enhancing their so called high strength and wonderfully formulated vitamins with flashy well known vitamins names.

I am amazed that they are doing this because in many instances they are not adding enough of the nutrient to actually make a substantial difference in your health orenough to help those specific situations they say they will enhance, but are in fact adding them to make the labels flashier and to catch the eye of consumers thinking they are getting the best for their health.

When someone says they have been using something their Doctor recommended and it comes from a pharmacy or drug store, I always ask the same question, how do you feel? So many times they will say no better, lousy or the same. This is when I suggest something much stronger and more geared for what the Doctor wanted them to aim for in the first place. I mean why spin your wheels when there are things that do the job better and make you feel better at the same time.Life is short!

I really think that the pharmaceutical companies should stay in the drug, laxative and band aid business, and leave the great nutritional formulating to us. The same group that has always been there on the breaking edge of nutrition all the way back when the Doctors and pharmacies themselves did not believe in vitaminsor what they called health food quackery.

If I personally was just beginning to take supplements I would never go to a drugstore or pharmacy, I would go to a quality health food store where my questions could be answered and the correct feedback given, and I would be sold the highest quality combination of supplements for the job. Case closed.

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