Thursday, October 12, 2006

High speed leg cramps

When you go to the gym to work out do you ever notice people in extreme pain? I just went back to the gym, again, and it was crazy today. I saw at least three people jump off the treadmill in cramping pain. You know what it feels like if you have ever had a night time leg cramp or Charlie horse, they hurt. Well just imagine it happening on a treadmill when you are running or in a fast walking momentum, it was a sight.

Of course I went over and asked all of them what kind of night time calcium they took, and they looked at me like I landed on Earth from another planet. I then explained about calcium and magnesium and the muscles and exercising and elasticity, well at the end of the conversation, five more people had joined in and I sent them all on their merrily little way to the store for some minerals.

It made me wonder after being in a store setting for almost three decades and on the radio for what seems like a million years, how many people have I been able to help by just mentioning things that hit the nail on the head that day. For many years I would have people come to see me and say were you talking about me today on the radio? I would say why would you say that? They would answer with everything you talked about is afflicting me now, and it was all made so much sense and nobody else seemed to understand.

I guess when you do this long enough and on a visible scale sooner or later you are at the right place at the right time and someone somewhere will benefit, and that's what makes me get up and do what I do everyday. This blog is a dream for me, I get to talk everyday, and pass information out, and hopefully someone will listen and benefit from it.

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  1. I read your blog daily love the dog pictures and the info you put out is pricless. thank you for taking the time to do it everyday!
    woof.....Peni ^..^~!