Friday, October 27, 2006

Flu season part 2

Today we will start the series on things to do to keep us out of the Doctors office and hopefully not end up sick on our backs for two weeks.

The easiest place to start is with the food we consume.It is a fact, we all eat heavier foods this time of year, you know high calorie, full of sugar and loaded with dairy and carbs great tasting stuff. Not only does this expand our waistline and our rear ends, it also is a producer of mucus. This mucus is what fuels the fire in your sinus cavity and your lungs that provide that endless stream of drainage and pressure that causes all the pain associated with colds and flu.

A good rule of thumb is eat like it was summer. Lots of fruits and green vegetables, lighter soups and plenty of water. This lighter style of eating also keeps your metabolism working up to par as well as tuning up your immune system. It is also a great idea to complete a cleanse right now before the season and the germs really start flowing.This way you rid the body of built up excess waste and debris that has been storing for a while, and gives your body and your immune system a blank fresh canvas to start doing it's job.

Tomorrow we will start with the vitamins for flu prevention.The next day we will focus on herbs to use before and during in case it slips by you and knocks you for a loop. The fifth day we will talk about actually dealing with being sick, and how to get you through the recovery quicker and back on you feet. I think this will also be a great day to discuss how to create a healthy protective bubble around you when you work in the germs from around the world melting pot,Las Vegas.

I think breaking this down over a few days will give you time to let it all soak in, but also to realize that changes are eminent and to stay healthy change is something we need to make our best friend, if not your best friend will be your physician.

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