Monday, October 30, 2006

Flu season part 5

Today is the day we talk about what to do when we are sick. You know flat on your back, missing work, fever, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, ear aches, flushed face, upset stomach, queasiness and just plain blah. You have spent a ton of money on non needed antibiotics and every one of the flu formulas from the drug store is on your bathroom vanity. The bad thing is that nothing is working and this simple three day flu is now going on for a week and half. You have to remember that this routine gets old very quickly.

Eventually you get past the flu and you forget about the way you felt, but the problem is because you never took the time to build your immune system you will rebound in a very short period of time. People will say I had the flu three times last year, when in reality they had it once and never completely got over it. It kind of hangs on waiting for you to run yourself down, and there it is rearing it's ugly head, and usually with avengeance.

So what to do when it has you down. Colloidal silver, up to a half a teaspoon in a shot glass of water, swish, gargle and swallow. Vitamin C, as much as you bowels can handle, cut it back if they happen to get too loose. Echinacea and Golden seal as much as 2-3 capsules every four hours. Find the best complete immune booster formula your health food store has to offer like Body well, and when you are better, continue to take it throughout the rest of the season so you do not end up like this again. Hot tea with lemon, honey and a tiny little pinch of cayenne pepper will loosen mucus and sooth the throat. Sucking on zinc lozenges also work, they taste bad, but who cares they work.

I find sweating helps the body by flushing out through the pores, hot baths with two cups of apple cider vinegar will help, or a jacuzzi is just what the Doctor ordered. All of this makes a big difference, and you will rest better and get well faster. Of course rubbing down your chest with a menthol rub never hurt anyone, yes your Momma was right!

Good luck, I hope these five nights have helped you to at least stay focused on this upcoming issue that will get you down no matter how old or young you are, or how smart or uneducated, I do not care where you are from, what race you are or where you live now. Germs like the flu find their way into our bodies and they bring healthy non suspecting people to their knees and some to their graves, so stay healthy, please.

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