Sunday, October 15, 2006

Supplement taking takes timing

Today's blog is easy and direct to the point. I am going to address the major confusion that supplement taking makes for most people. It has to do with the best time to take supplements and will work for whatever you decide to take as long as you stick to this rule of thumb, yes rule of thumb.

First of all coffee at a meal means you should not take vitamins at that time.Calcium and minerals are always best when taken at night or in Las Vegas, at whatever time you go to sleep.You do need to make sure there are no counter indications with your prescription medications or at least know the timing for taking supplements with them. Now here is the rule of thumb.

*Vitamins with, around or during food consumption
*Herbs and amino acids are best taken on an empty stomach, which means one hour
prior or two hours after eating
*Minerals and calcium are best taken at bedtime

that's it, easy but actually the number one reason why supplements cause upset stomachs and why people do not get the best results that they could be getting, timing!

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