Friday, October 13, 2006

White coat syndrome

I find the number one result of being stressed for most people as well as the number one reason we are dropping like flies is high blood pressure problems. I think a large portion of us stress out so much when wehave to go to the Doctor,that it is the first place we discover we have high blood pressure, or do we?

Many times blood pressure is a silent situation and sometimes if it is truly a high blood pressure problem, finding outtoo late can be fatal.

Some people have a blood pressure rise just thinking about a Doctors visit, many need to take something for their nerves just to walk in the door. I personally know people that have Doctors visits three to four times a month, and it makes me sweat just thinking about it!

It is the same routine every time we go.We arrive for our scheduled Doctors appointment only to find that there are ten other people there with same appointment time, which is the beginning of our blood pressure rise. We then wait for what seems like an eternity and then we finally get called only to step on a scale that lets us know in bold print that yes we have gained weight and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Then we are ushered into a room and told that the Doctor will be right in. Well we know better and after thirty to forty minutes we are still waiting and there is no Doctor in sight.It is like going to Disneyland and being in line for Space mountain. You wait and wait and wait and then you finally get up to the door only to find that you have another forty minutes of lines and turnstyles to go through before you finally get to go on the three minutes ride, sounds like Doctors visit to me.

Every once and a while you hear footsteps walk by your door, you sit up straight waiting to see your smiling physician, but then they go by the room, how frustrating.Of course the room itself is either freezing cold or hot as an oven and we can feel our temper rising and our mood changing almost by the second. Finally the Doctor comes in and flips over his three minute egg timer and we are then to spill all of the information and questions to him as he watches his watch and tries to look interested before he darts out to the next room. This is when we get more frustrated because we are being rushed and end up babbling and things never come out right.

We always forget to ask the questions we had on the tip of our tongues, and on top of it we have white coat Doctors office induced blood pressure. This is when the physician does not even think to ask the correct questions but just proceeds to whip out that white pad like it is a duel in the old west and write a prescription for blood pressure medication all of time not taking into consideration the he or she is the direct cause of the problem in the first place. Then they are gone like a whirlwind and we off to pay for the wonderful experience and be on our way.

Now most people will fill the prescription without doing any research for themselves, because there is still a large portion of the population that still put Doctors on pedestals although they are human, and many jump three steps ahead of themselves just like we do.

If you are diagnosed with blood pressure, ask the Doctor to let you work on diet and exercise and stress management before jumping on the prescription and then having to deal with all the side effects of the drug. Most people that have high blood pressure can control it by taking a few supplements , losing weight, exercising and learning to chill out, you know, relax.

The supplements you might think of using include cayenne pepper capsules,garlic, hawthorn, even valarian root for people that cannot relax. You may also look for blends and combinations, one I like is called appropriately BP Blend. Then look to caffeine and sodium intake, you will most likely find you have way too much in your diet.The most important thing you can do is drink a lot of fresh water, hydrating also washes out sodium salts that cause blood pressure to rise.Make sure you are getting the proper amount of rest and sleep. If you are tired all the time it stresses out the body which can also raise your blood pressure.

So take control and make those changes that you know need to be made anyway, as high blood pressure is something we usually cause ourselves and definitely can be a condition we can change. Any time you can do it on your own and not be pharmaceutically controlled, the better off you will be.

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