Sunday, October 29, 2006

Flu season part 4

So we have focused on food and some life changes and today we will focus on herbs and herbal preparations. Many natural medicines have come on the market as well as many singular herbs for flu and cold season prevention, some are worthy of discussing and a few I like to recommend are as follows.

A preventive formula that can be used from November through April is called Body Well. It is a complete formula of herbs and natural ingredients to boost the immune system and keep it functioning up to par so you have an edge over the germs you come in contact with.I have been putting people on it for over fifteen years, and many of them stay on it all year because they work in germ filled environments Of course the well known herbs like Echinacea and Golden Seal are still great alternatives for prevention as well as fighting the one that gets a hold of you quickly that can knock you for a loop.

There also is a product that has been around since the early nineteen hundreds called Colloidal Silver, the brand I prefer is called Graces Silver. This product uses a process of electronically charging actual particle of Silver and causing them to suspend and move in water, it is taken orally for internal prevention and actually fighting both viral and bacterial infections. Remember it can do what normal prescriptions can not, which is fight viral infections.

Grape seed extract is also beneficial as well as grapefruit seed extract, but if I had one choice or two lets say, it would be Body Well and Colloidal Silver. One great thing about the silver is it can be used in the ear for ear infections for adults and children, and sprayed up the nose for those annoying sinus infections. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of letters I have received thanking me for this information that kept people far and away from the Doctor and his prescription white pad.

As you can see once again, you are in control of your destiny with flu and cold germs. So do a little prevention and glide through the next four months, or do nothing and remember them with memories from the Doctors office and from standing in line at the Pharmacy.

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