Sunday, October 8, 2006


Today I was asked about something I have not spoken about in a while, earaches. Earaches can come about because of infection, colds and flu, tooth pain and gum infections, grinding your teeth at night as well as chewingyour food too hard. Many children get re- occurring ear infections and the parents will be the first to tell you that they end up just putting them on a steroid ear drop and a round of antibiotics.

The same child may get these as often as every other month and the cycle continues over and over again. If you as an adult or your child is on the merry go round of revolving antibiotics for irritating and annoying and many times painful ear infections take note, there is help.

Two things I have found to be extremely helpful. First of all basic nutrition to keep the immune system strong.A strong multiple vitamin, and a good dosage of vitamin C, you know, the basics. Next, try putting a few drops of Squalene oil, this is a shark liver oil product in the ears a couple times per week as a preventive. Next, keep on hand a high quality Colloidal silver, I only recommend Graces brand, as many others are too strong, or the technology is not there to produce a quality product. I am saying this because I will not put my confidence in other brands so if you ask me about another brand I will just say no! This confidence comes from years of investigating products to find the best one to trust and pass on to you.

This product can be used on children, as well as adults and of course pets. You can use Colloidal silver as a topical antibiotic anywhere on or inside the body. You can use as a gargle for the gums, and put in the ear when infections start. When I get ear infections my head hurts so badly that I always end up with a migraine, so I hit the silver as fast as I can get it in my ear, and I will say that the normal 6-8 day ear infection is usually gone in 1 maybe 2 days maximum.

These two products should be added to your medicine chest arsenal for year round good health support, but especially with the upcoming flu and cold season around the corner, we all need to have these products on hand.The more we keep ourselves off antibiotics, the better immune response and antibodies we can build up to these infections as well as avoiding side effects that cause too many other problems.

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  1. Jeff,
    You advised me to use colloidal silver and it was like a miracle cure!!!
    I felt better in a day and the Dr's antibiotics had been failing for weeks ...
    Thank you!
    Debby Bunn