Thursday, October 5, 2006

Rainy days and our moods

Today was actually a rainy day in Las Vegas. We do not get very much rain, but we need it so no matter how much people complain about it, I just tell them to chill out and enjoy the washing away of all of the dirt and to enjoy the fresh air it leaves behind.

The weird thing about rain in this city,if you are not working and you can enjoy it, sit outside under an awning or on a front porch, it is the most beautiful thing. Today we actually had a double rainbow, it was so beautiful, I do not think I have ever saw a rainbow so vibrant and full of color.

But that same relaxed beautiful moment if you are working or commuting or traveling or working in it becomes the ugliest, nastiest thing in the world. Many people have an ugly and mean personality that comes out and they get stressed out, nervous, edgy, and ready to pronounce road rage at the drop of a pin.

I just think it is funny that one event can cause two completely different emotions without itself changing at all.The only thing that has changed is the actual location of the person and what they are doing at the time. I guess we should all be able to plan these wonderful events so we are in places where we can enjoy the beauty, rather than driving in it and having it turn ugly.We should also face the fact that many people cannot and should not drive in the rain , this may be the reason it puts the world on edge.

Well, I want to say, I was able to enjoy it, and if you were not, the picture will give you a rough idea of how beautiful it really was. Everyone was so mellow, it was like rainbow xanax, now that is something we should be able to bottle.

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  1. My daughter saw the same double rainbow and tried to describe it over the phone, now I can see it on your blog! Question? Does using mineral oil as a laxative deplete vitamins and minerals from the body? How long can one safely use it?