Saturday, October 28, 2006

Flu season part 3

Today we will discus supplements, or vitamins to support out health and help to build our immune system so we can glide through the upcoming germ season.

Vitamin C, the place it all starts is where we will be begin. If you are exposed to a lot of germs and are in an environment where you are around a large percentage of people every day you will need to take a higher dose. The Vitamin C I recommend is complex form, one that uses the highest quality blend of C and buffers like bioflavinoids, rose hips, quercetin and ester C. Not only does this buffer the Vitamin C, but it helps absorption, and all aspects of it work on building the immune system.

A multiple vitamin should be used daily, preferably a strong timed released form so it will last all day. A non timed released form is out of the body too quickly and does not gradually release throughout the day. The higher the B Complex, the more it will help the body deal with stress. Just remember stress weakens the immune system, and people under extreme stress get sick more often because the body is run down and it's ability to fight infection is severely compromised. Stress can be a killer, not only with the risk of heart disease, but allowing stress in your life will and does weaken you defenses.

Supplemental B complex, Zinc, Beta carotene or Viamin A and Vitamin E all boost the immune system, and can be added to the above mentioned nutrients for flu season. It may seem like a strong nutritional; base, but one good flu can stretch out for weeks at a time, and then cause the body to weakened all season. So add these and keep the foundation strong. Tomorrow we will delve into the herbs and natural herbal medicines available to use both as prevention and also at the time of sickness.

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