Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dandruff and dry scalp

I received a question yesterday about dandruff and dry scalp, and as this blog will be long running, eventually we will address everything at least once.

Dandruff shows up because of both internal and external influences, externally from dry climate and topical gels, shampoos, hair spray, blow drying, permanent solutions. Many of the products on the market use all synthetic and chemical based solutions, and for many people they produce skin irritations, rashes which can affect the skin on the face and neck as well. So many people go to the Dermatologist and end up using salves and topical solutions to help with the problem, and many times internal steroids are suggested. The thing we have to remember is that unless you change what you use on your skin, you will always have a sensitivity.

I recommend that if you have dandruff, or psoriasis on the scalp, the best thing to do is discontinue all the drug store bought shampoos and hygiene products you are using and go to your natural health food store and change what you use. I would look towards
products that contain Tea Tree Oil, and Jojoba, also Aloe Vera products are beneficial. Remember there are also some topical healing and conditioners that can be used to re moisture the damaged scalp. Always ask the person which one would be best suited for you. If they are not knowledgeable at that stotre, there are places where they are, so go there, no sense working with people that are not knowledgeable or well trained.

Internally increasing water intake, and supplementing Selenium and increasing oils like Flax Seed oil and fish oils can make a wonderful difference.Sometimes the problem is as easy as what bottles you have in your shower right now.

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