Monday, October 23, 2006

Nutrition first, drugs second???

I am often asked why the medical society does not support nutrition. I think it has to do with old school teaching, There was a time when pharmaceutical companies supported scholarships for medical school, helped with supplies and class tuitions, and paybacks in many cases was to become a supporter of drugs and pharmaceutical therapies.

You will never hear me say that there should be no drugs of any kind, because without them many people would net be here, and they have save millions upon millions of lives. What you will hear me say is that with all of the side effects of medications, and over use of antibiotics and extended trial and error routines of which drug is better, I think it is time to open the door and minds of many Doctors that there may be a bettor way. This does not mean that nutrition will replace drug therapy, but that maybe the use of the natural first before jumping into the drug therapy might be a nice alternative.

Many Doctors have come aboard and have opened their minds and practices to alternative therapies, and are seeing great results. This is going to be the trend as more drugs are recalled and more side effects start to be even more common and more huge law suits are brought about, alternatives might just became a new way of practicing medicine, one can only hope!

There was a time you would never see a pharmaceuticals drug company advertise a vitamin on television, but you do now. Drink companies are fortifying there beverages with nutrition and herbs and convenience stores everywhere sell daily packs of vitamins on every counter. I think with the unhappiness and frustration with the medical community, many patients are starting to take their health into their own hands, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I feel over the next ten years many people will be using alternatives as their first line of defense.

My suggestion is when you are diagnosed with some of the major American illnesses, you know, the self induced ones like heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, clogged arteries and vascular circulatory disease, that you will talk to your Doctor about trying alternative first. Not every Doctor reaches for the white pad right away, that trend is changing, but I think the major change is going to come from the patient consumer who is not going to tolerate all of the side effects unless completely necessary.

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