Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stress got you down, you are not alone

Are you aware that every sell of your body, your organs even down to your skin is affected by stress. Your digestive system can stop workingcorrectlyand your immune system stops doing an effective job, and with flu season upon us, not a good thing.So when people say I am under a little more stres than usual they need to take notice as it can be the beginning of the domino effect.

We all know that during the time of severe stress situations like financial, emotional, work, relationship, physical wellness that other thingsstart to brak down at the same time and go hand in hand with the trauma you are going through. We either stop eating or over eat, we smoke more, drink more, do not sleep, or we want to sleep all of the time. Depression can set in as well as shortness of temper, mood swings or the opposite, you shut everyone in the world around you out.

I think the best thing to do if you are going through hard to handle stress is go to the Doctor and get a basic check up, some blood work at least. Go back to the gym or exercise anywhere, releasing endorphins help the mood which betters the stress. Eat a high protein diet and cut out all of the sugars, white bleached flours, junkie fast food and reduce your caffeine.

This is the time to increase you B Complex vitamins, also try some Kava, or Valarian root or Passion flower to help with daily mood. There are also some wonderful natural mood and anxiety preperationsavailable at better quality health food stores to keep you balanced. Try these first before becoming a zombie on the prescriptions, use those as a last resort.

Last but not least, find someone you trust and feel comfortable with to talk to.Sometimes getting things out of your head and saying them out loud or even writing them down makes the overall situation easier to handle. Remember to chill out, sometimes a good walk, a hot bath, a masage or even a meditation session can make the difference in your getting past the stress rather than letting it put you in the hospital. Stress is like a bullet, you will have them coming at you and around you your entire life, how you handle them will determine how they affect you. No living in a bubble in this world, so stay as healthy and fit as you can, the stronger you are the less stress can take you down.

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