Thursday, April 7, 2011

Location does not always make a difference.

I am noticing that because my radio show streams nationwide, and because I receive e mails from different parts of the country, I am starting to see a distinct health pattern.The interesting thing is that no matter where the e- mails come from, or who is sending them, and with  all of the differences in the geographic part of the country, age, sex, financial status, or even career, I amazed to see that the questions are always the same.

The questions that come in to me always deal with the same major complaints including problems with energy, digestion, elimination, hormones, immune system, hair, skin , mails, eyes, bones, joints and even bad breath and body odor, and of course weight loss, diabetes, blood pressure and the heart. The conclusion I have come to is we, as Americans have the same basic diet and lifestyle all over the country, and even with all of the information available, we still do not do our bodies right. And although we want to feel better and look better and have a better quality of life, the work involved is maybe too much for us to stick with, or for some, to even attempt change.

My hope is that we as a nation start treating our bodies and our health a little more seriously and start prioritizing ourselves to the front of the list, and respecting our health. This, before the entire nation is dealing with old age geriatric diseases and before everyone of us is facing a mountain full of health issues and hind sight regret.

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