Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why take things that do not work?

Today's blog is in response to the greatest questions I was asked yesterday. I will answer it as boldly and directly as I can. The question was, Dear Jeff, I have been using vitamins for over five years now and I have never felt any different, I am always sick and I have no energy at all,maybe what I am using is not very good, should I try another brand?

YES!!! I thought to myself, why would you continue to do something that costs you time, money, gas to get there to get it, time to take them, and lots of energy and good health time lost if it does not work? Of course you should try another brand.

The reason I have stayed with Great Earth vitamins over 25 years is because I know what they do and the hoops they jump through to make sure when you use their supplements they not only work, you know it because you feel great. I have companies recruiting me all the time, and when I get through with all of the questions I ask their recruiters about how their stuff is researched, how it is made, their quality control, their assays, the raw product, their bottling and tableting procedures, and storage of raw products, they start to ask themselves why they work there!

Lets face it. Americans are hard to impress. If they buy something that does not do what they thought in their mind it was supposed to do, they take it back. If food does not taste good to them, they send it back. If they order something and were suckered into something they send it back. If they hire someone and the job performance is not to their satisfactions, they hire someone else. If they get married and do not like the relationship, they end that too! So please, would someone please tell me why you would take nutritional supplements over and over again when they do nothing, and are obviously poor quality and do not work???

Please, if you are now or have been cutting corners and buying things you thought were such a good deal, and cutting corners on your health. If you have been using supplements that have made no difference in you state of mind, you overall health, and have not done anything they were supposed to do if they were actually high quality, DO NOT BUY THEM AGAIN. E-mail me and I will gladly recommend places to go to get things that work.

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